Settings for Dummy Calls (Jon Balter write up)

There are a few easy steps to creating dummy service calls for trips to the office.  The first step is to create a piece of equipment.

I like to have a special model for the equipment.  Here is how I set it up.

  • Create a simple Make called “office”
    • Click inventory then make
    • Click new
    • Name the “Make” and “Description”  office and click ok

 Create a simple Model called “Office

    • Click inventory then models
    • Click new
    • Put Office in for “Model”, “Description”, and “Make”
    • For Category put “other”; if you do not have other category create one.
    • Make sure the “Metered”, “Host”, and “Accessory” are not checked
    • Uncheck “Use system call back and call alert parameters”
    • Put 0(zero) in for all the call back and call alert information
    • click ok
  • Now we have a model and make that is not tracking call back or call alerts.  It is also easy to exclude from reports.
  • Now we need to create a new item
  • Click the items button
  • Item number and Description should be “Office Machine”
  • Unit of measure should be Each
  • Category is Equipment
  • Inventory code –GL “Inventory –Equipment and Accessory” (DOES NOT MATTER…you are not buying or adjusting this item into inventory so it will never affect GL)
  • Equipment code should be “copier” or anything you like
  • Make and Model need to be “office”
  • Tracking Configuration can be Default (track only)
  • Check Serialized
  • Then click OK
  • Now we need to create a call type 
  • Click tools then Lists and Codes
  • Select “Call Types” in the drop down box
  • Click new
  • Call type should be office and description should be something like Office visit
  • Priority can be a new priority call Office or can be an exciting priority
    • To make a new Priority click on the down arrow next to the magnifying glass and select new.
    • Priority Name and description should be office
    • Rank should be high like 100


  • Category should be “Other” so it is not counted for EM calls.
  • Activity code should be an office Activity code
    • To make an office activity code click on the down arrow next to the magnifying glass and select new.
    • Activity code, description, and category should all be “office”


If you do not have a category called office, you should create one.  This is because if you are using time cards, the system will total the office time.

  • To make an office category code click on the down arrow next to the magnifying glass and select new.


  • Activity code Category and description should be Office
  • Service calls must be checked
  • The other two are suggestions.  Unavailable will allow for the dispatch to enter time for technicians when they are in the shop.  The paid time is because this is time we pay technicians for.
    • Duration and Icon are your choice.  I think all parts pickups should not take over 15 minutes.
    • This is the final result.
    •  Click OK


  • Now we need to create the equipment.
  • I have created one machine per technician.  This is so I can run a report on the machine and get all the details for the technician.  This is not required, because you could just filter by technician, but I like to look at the service history and if every technician is on one machine it is very long.
  • Click equipment button
  • Click new
  • We use the technician’s first name for the equipment number.  You can use office or whatever you like.
  • Customer should be your company account.  You have to have a company account, e-automate will make one for you.  For us it is C0001
  • Item is “office machine” this will fill in make and model with “office”
  • We use the technician’s whole name for the serial number.  You can use office or whatever you like.
  • Territory is Office
  • Technician can be the technician or unassigned.


  • The next tab is the magic
  • Click on the Billing/Contact tab
  • Change the Bill Code to a maintenance agreement.  This will keep the machine from billing.
  • Click OK. You are finished.
  • All you have to do is create calls when technicians need to come to the office.  My technicians email dispatch or create the call themselves.
  • They dispatch, arrive, and depart just like it was a real call.
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