Where is my custom report

Many of our alerts also come with a custom report you can run from eAutomate, we also have some alerts that are a report only.

If you have shared custom reports set up and have given us write access to that custom report folder then we will place the report in the folder for you and it will be there when you open eAutomate. If you are not using custom reports we suggest you do, details here.

When we don't have access to custom reports we will place the report on the "JuiceBox" we connect to, so;

C:\Program Files\Digital Gateway\e-automate client\Custom Reports on the server we access. It can be copied into your shared custom reports folder or to your local drive and you should be ok to run report then. You don't need to restart eAutomate but close and reopen the reports folder.

To find our reports go to the Reports Folder (1) and you should see them in the Custom Reports section (2).


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