ILC Best Practice with Supplies (Jon Balter write up)

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Inventory Logistics Console (ILC) is one of the most power tools in e-automate and often overlooked.  Most people do not use it because they are afraid of it.  This paper is to teach you a simple method for restocking and doing special orders with the ILC.

Note for this example all supplies are in one warehouse : Supplies


The 1st task you need to do before using the ILC is confirm you have accurate inventories.  The system cannot order correctly if it has bad information.  Use alert ID677 to tell you if a warehouse has not been counted recently. Use eAgent to set stock levels (Update Min Stock Levels).


Click here for How to Setup E-agent to Update Minimum Stock Levels

Once you have your minimum stock levels set we can now use ILC

Run ILC for Restocks

We are now going to create the orders for restocks

Click Inventory then Inventory Logistics Console

  1. The next step is to add the items to the queue.
  2. Click “Add to Queue”


Since we are only doing restocking, the setting is easy.  Unclick everything and just click Query warehouse restock levels and filter to our supplies warehouse.
  1. Click OK.
  2. You will get a reply back like;
If you have blocked records, this is because another employee has these items in his queue.
To clear out other queue:
  1. Click manage Queue and you can reassign or clear another person’s queue. 
After you have the items in your queue, if you have preferred vendors, it will auto assign the vendors.
If not you need to assign the vendors.
Once this is done your queue should look like:
You may have more items but the action should be purchase and the vendor and receiving location should be filled in.
Then Click “Select all” and click “process”
This will move the items directly to the process tab.  If you did not assign a vendor it will move to the assign vendor tab but it can all be done in the Analyze stock tab.
Click on the “Create orders” tab and then click Purchase order queue in the top left. 
A list of purchase orders will be there with the details at the bottom.  Click on the purchase order and click “purchase orders”
It will ask “Are you sure you want to create the selected purchase orders”
Click OK.
In that same screen is a box that says send orders (Print/Email/Fax/Export).  Leave this unclicked until you do the process a few times.  But this will either Print/Email/Fax/Export depending on the vendor.
It creates the PO for you.  Then act on the PO as normal.  If you have PO processor, you can submit the PO directly to the vendor. 
Write up compliments of Jon Balter! Thanks Jon

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