ID557 - Summary of Monthly Survey Results, SSRS Version - Overview & Sample

Summary of previous month's survey results details the three key questions:

NPS (Net Promoter Score):  "How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague". Details your Promoters (10 or 9 rating), Passives (7/8 rating) and Detractors (6 or below rating).

Dispatcher: "Rate the dispatch overall" stack ranks your dispatchers, the first person in contact with your customer. (Note - a dispatcher is the e-automate user who enters the service call, and must have a UserID linked to their Employee Record.)

Technician: "Rate the technician overall" stack ranks your technicians to see who is getting 10s and is good at "fixing the customer" as well as the copier, or who may need training. 

To report all three questions you must be live on the service call survey (ID109).

If you don't have SSRS Reports and are still running the Crystal Custom Report version, please click HERE.

Trouble accessing SSRS Reports? Please click HERE.


Set Variable1 for email results to send on Individual Branch Numbers to trigger on (separate with a comma), or enter 'Consolidate' for one report covering all branches, or enter 'ALL' for all branches to receive individual report.

A monthly email will send on the 5th of each month. There is an SSRS Report that can be run on demand.

NOTE: This alert assumes your dispatchers have User IDs associated to their Employee Record, otherwise it will not work.


SSRS Version Filter Options:

Filter by Survey Name (will show ALL survey names in drop down list whether live or in test, test surveys will have no results).

Select the Period to run for that months results

Branch Option, search/view results for one branch only, or run for ALL:

Summary page:

Reports monthly NPS score and shows the NPS trend over last 12 months 

Customers Surveyed - Total number of customers who received at least one survey (divided by) total number of customers invoiced (over period of time report filtering for and includes all invoice types)

Percent of Calls Surveyed - Total surveys sent, with Call ID associated (divided by) total number of calls (over period of time report filtering for). You will need to consider your survey subscription settings to determine what types of calls (i.e. Call Types) are being surveyed.

NOTE: Regardless of how your surveys are sending out (i.e. limited call types customizations, etc.), Customers Surveyed / Percent of Calls Surveyed are ONLY calculated using service calls for call types linked to the "CM-Corrective Maintenance" category. Check your call type set up in e-automate under Tools / Lists & Codes / Call Types.


Dispatcher Average Monthly Score - Average score for "Rate Dispatcher Overall" question. Total of all answers divided by the number of total survey responses received for that dispatcher (*option to include a rating question for other surveys i.e. supply order survey "rate your sales order entry clerk").


Dispatcher Number of survey results - Total surveys returned broken down by dispatcher.

Dispatcher Trend - Averages ALL dispatchers' results combined into overall score by month. Reports the prior 12 months.

Technician Average Monthly Score - Average score for question "rate technician overall." Total of all answers divided by the total number survey responses received for that technician.

Technician Number of survey results - Total surveys returned broken down by technician.

Technician Trend - Averages all results returned for all technicians combined into an overall score by month. Reports the prior 12 months.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) detail breakdown - Responses to the question "How likely are you to recommend our Company to a friend or colleague." Provides call details and indicates if they are a Promoter/Passive/Detractor.

Rate the Dispatcher detail breakdown 

Rate the Technician detail breakdown


**Please note this alert runs on the 5th of each month. This is because you will most likely not have received all of the results for the month. The survey month for responses is based on when a call is 'invoiced'. For example, if a call is invoiced out on the last day of the month, survey sent is sent out one day (24 hours) after invoicing. You can receive a response on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (over a weekend) that is linked to the prior month.** 


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