ID470 - Email NPS 'Net Promoter Score' Brochure Overview & Sample:

Why NPS - Links

Most sales guys will tell prospects they have the Best Service, Best Products and Competitive Prices and when they move to your competitor then continue to say Best Service, Best Products and Competitive Prices. What your prospect hears is Same Service, Same Products and let's focus on Price. Showing that you have a system for measuring customer satisfaction and how your satisfaction numbers compare to some well-loved brands will allow you to not always be selling on price. Also consider ID142 - Billing accuracy as something to set you apart. Click here to understand NPS.

Our closed call survey is our most popular process and the option to calculate a measurement of your customer satisfaction level (NPS) is huge. Research, and our client's feedback, shows that if you get your entire company focused on this metric, great things happen. The NPS is a simple number that everyone can understand from reception to AR to the delivery guy. It is both a loyalty metric and a discipline for using customer feedback to fuel profitable growth in your business. This alert will send the brochure to your company each month (see documentation link below for a sample). It shows your NPS score for the previous month and year to date. Also consider giving the rep ID142 - Billing Accuracy

This alert will send you two brochures (on 5th of each month) - your monthly NPS Results and YTD NPS Results (please note YTD is thru date of email containing brochure, i.e. Jan 1 - Feb 4). It also provides you a detailed listing of last month's survey comments.


NPS Brochure - Month:


NPS Brochure - Annual:






Additional Info:

Click here for an overview of the most popular survey that asks the NPS question.

Click here for an overview on how the score is calculated.

Click here for the book and why NPS is important.

Click here for an overview on how to leverage tools like HubSpot to get your promoters working for you.

Click here to see sample responses.

Click here for some of the NPS metrics we might start tracking.

This alert will email a brochure showing the Net Promoter Score for the previous month and an NPS history (VariableZ).

We have two recorded webinars, NPS & Good Profits and Importance of measuring customer satisfaction.


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