List of Alerts and Recommended Searches on Website

Scroll to bottom for a list of alerts, right mouse click and "Save As" to download.

These can also be viewed at where you can search by Category or just choose to see our Highly Recommended alerts. . Save this post as we update the list every two weeks and add roughly 2 new processes per month. Alerts can also be seen on LinkedIn at

We have almost 900 so if this list is too long HERE is a link to our top ten. Looking to add some additional processes, see HERE to decide which.

We suggest existing clients try logging into our site, pick highly recommended = Yes, Subscribed = No and you will see all the popular alerts you are not using. The default sort is by subscription ratio so the most "popular" are at the top. You can drill down further by category.


Recommended Searches:

A search of Subscribed = Yes and Activated = No will show you all the alerts you have subscribed to but our system shows as not running. Typically these should only be alerts we have not built yet but let us know if that is not the case. You can further refine by setting Status to Active to only show alerts that are completed.

Use Clear Filters to reset.

A search of Subscribed = No and a Tag of Key Alerts will show the handful of basic alerts we feel all dealers should be using.

A search of Subscribed = No and Recommended = Yes will show a list of all the CEO Juice recommended alerts you are not using. By default we sort this by % Subscribed so the "Most Popular" are at the top.

You can pick multiple Tags so a search of Subscribed = No and Tags of Equipment Leases and For Rep would show all the process we think your sales guys are interested in that are around equipment leases.

If you wanted to see all the Custom Reports we have available then search for OutPut Type = Custom Report


All of these search results can be exported to Excel etc.


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