Model profitability cost per page, can't be broken out between color & BW

There is no way to define the cost per page per type as there's no functionality in eAuto for supply-usage-by-type. With a lack of accuracy on parts going into a machine there is simply no way to accurately report this. We tell people to analyze MODEL’s by Segment and do the best you can to allocate the total cost of supplies & parts by % of clicks but use the retail per click charge to determine the % split. (if BW clicks are a penny, and color a dime, then costs get allocated 10% to B/W and 90% to color).

So our thought has been that the data will never be accurate, so why even jump thru the hoops to just basically make up something. We rely on the MFG’s at first, then BEI as a guideline, but parts and labor flub everything.

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