ECI Service Stat. report VS CEOJuice Tech Productivity Report (ID204)

We often get asked why these reports don't match!

Report Examples




One major Difference is that DGI's Service Statistics report runs from 1 am of the date set, so if you run Service Statistics to 2/28/2014 it will exclude 2/28/2014 from the data.  You have to the add one day to the report. 

To compare 2/1/2014 to 2/28/2014 of CEO report ID204 Technician Productivity Report then you must run the service statistic report from 2/1/2014  to 3/1/2014.

In addition the Service Statistics report assumes that if a technician had one call in a day that they worked the entire day, while the Tech Productivity only credits them with the hours shown on that one call.

Here is a list of items that are the same between the reports:




  • Rescheduled Calls – any call that is mark as incomplete.  When closing a call for reschedule it will open a second or follow up call.  Placing a call on Hold is not considered rescheduled.
  • Gross Calls – Total number of calls completed in a period.  This will count all calls.
  • Net Calls – Gross Calls minus rescheduled calls minus call backs.  These are calls that neither generate a follow up or a call back. 



Call Backs

The major difference in the reports is how calls backs are calculated.  Neither report is incorrect.  They both look at call backs correctly and account for the call backs correctly.

Both reports place the call back on the technician that generated the report.  Explanation:

Technician A goes to Machine 1.  Two days later Technician B goes back to Machine 1.  In E-automate, most reports will charge Technician B with the callback.  This is due to the call back flag in the database being on the second call.  So if you create an e-view and just extract the data, the wrong technician will be charged with call back. 

Both reports CEOJuice Technician Productivity Report and Service Statistics do not make this error.  Both reports charge Technician A with the call back.

So why do you get different results. 

Example of calls backs from CEO Juice Technician Productivity Report:


CEOJuice Technician Productivity Report

Look at the example report from 02/02/2014 to 02/08/2014 when you drill down to the 4 call backs.  You see that the original call was done outside the range.  In this case, the original calls where done Jan 29th, 30th, 30th and 31st.  The current call or the one with the call back flag was done in the date range.  So the CEOJuice looks at all the calls in the period (Not just those by this technician, one of the calls above was run by Jim Smith the manager), then looks back to find who was the cause of the call back.

DGI Service Statistics

Look at the example report for this.  We only showed one recall.  This is due to how this report works.  It looks at the current calls and then looks forward.  Only one calls during the week of 02/02/2014 to 02/08/2014 later generated call backs. 

This difference is really important.  So the CEOJuice report will always stay constant, but the DGI Service Statistics report may change over time.  This is due to the fact that a call I did last week may not have generated a call back YET but it will in the next few weeks. 

Basic Idea

CEOJuice report looks back.

Service Statistics looks forward. 



  • Service Statistics report is better for past periods and should never be looked at in ranges close to current date.  In other words, the service statistics report works great for look at statistics two months ago because it will only look at calls pulled in that period.  You would never use the Service Statistics report to look at performance last week.
  • CEOJuice report is great for looking at service progress.  You can run it weekly to see improvement.  In large ranges like a month, this report will give results that fall outside of the month.  So if you run the report for February (in March) you will get call backs for calls that happened for February and up to the maximum call back parameters.   SO if you maximum call back is 90 days, then you will have results that contain data from 90 days back.
  • The CEOJuice report never changes.  If I run it today or next month the data will remain the same.
  • The Service Statistics report data changes as new information is added.  Be aware of this.



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