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It is important for call types to be set up correctly and linked to the correct category, EA reports and CEOJuice reporting break out calls based on categories and can effect reporting results when not set correctly

Where to setup call type in EA

Where to setup call type in EA

View your list of Call Types in eAutomate under: Tools / Lists & Codes / Call Types



Call Type category

Call Type CATEGORY options

In the call type you must assign a category to each call type 

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CM Corrective maintenance - Break/fix type calls should be set to a CM to track response times, as well as other reports correctly

PM Preventative maintenance - PMs, schedule cleaning etc

CC Courtesy call - inspect for contract, toner delivery, meter collection etc

IR Install Delivery & Pick up - Delivery of new equipment, pick up old equipment, pick up lease return equipment, equipment moves etc
SH In house shop call - in-house shop work etc

PH Phone fix support - service resolved over the phone, and no onsite tech required

O Other - used when other options above don't qualify


CM - Corrective Maintenance

CM - Corrective Maintenance

We often find clients who have no or few Calls with CM call type category. Corrective Maintenance type calls should be used in every break / fix situation and many reports, in eAutomate and CEOJuice reports depend on this. Any call that is a break/fix call, typically a customer has called in to report a problem, whether on contract or time and material should be in the CM category for these to work properly.

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Installs and scheduled PMs are NOT break fix calls. 



List of Suggested Call Types

List of Suggested Call Types

Below is an example list of codes, our advice is to start with a short list and expand as needed

Calltype Category Description
BP CM  Broken Part
eInfo CM  Call entered via web
CQ CM  Copy Quality
DF CM  Document Feeder
FQC CM  Field Quality Check
NO CM  Noise
PJ CM  Paper Jam
POWER CM  Power Problems
FINISHER CM  Finisher problems
Control Panel CM  Control Panel
TONER CM  Toner related issues
FAX CM  Fax issues
CCODE CM  Code Error
CC CC  Courtesy call
CI CC Contract Inspection
TRNInstall CC  Training on New Install
TRNAddlTraining CC  Additional Training Requested
PU I PickUp
Install IR  Delivery Install
Move IR  Equipment Move
IHR IR  In-House Repair
Loan-Rental IR  Deliver/Pick Up Loaner Rental
Lease IR  Pickup Return To Lease 
Network Install IR  Network installation
Networking O   Network IT Issue
MSC O   Miscellaneous Call
TA O   Tech assist
COP PF  Clear over Phone
PF PF  PhoneFix - Resolved Issue with Phone Call
Set Up New SH  Setup New Equipment


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