Reschedule a Service Call

Right click and mark the call ‘Complete’ as normal



Ensure you are in the Standard Entry and NOT the Quick Entry

Fill in the labor, materials, problems/repairs, meter tabs as normal.

In the Miscellaneous tab, use the look up icon to select the code in ‘Reason for Incomplete’, for example ‘Need Parts’



E-automate will either attempt to create a rescheduled call or will ask you if you want to reschedule the call.

This depends on how the incomplete code is configured.


If the incomplete code selected is configured to place the rescheduled call on hold, e-automate displays the rescheduled Call Window


If ‘attention required’ window displayed and asks if you want to reschedule the call click ‘Yes’ to create a second call for this equipment,

you will see the rescheduled Stamp


*If a rescheduled call code should place a call on hold automatically but does not:

Go to Tools Menu, select Lists and Codes. In Select a List or Code Type field, use the dropdown menu to select Incomplete Codes.

Double click on the incomplete Code to edit. In Set Hold Status to field use the lookup icon to select the reason the rescheduled call

should be placed on hold. Click OK


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