The Importance of Setting Your Service Codes Correctly

It is very important to set your service codes on your inventory items properly. Setting the service code wrong can affect numerous things. The service code is designed to identify what type of inventory item you are creating. Toners should have a service code of toner. Waste containers should be set to waste containers. Fusers/fixing assembly's should be set to fuser/fixing assembly, etc.  Only items that you plan to use on Service calls should have Service Codes set.  

Service Codes are assigned within the contract bill codes to tell eAutomate what is covered and what isn't. It's common for some of our clients to need to reassign Service Codes on some of their toner items in order for ID315 (among others) to function properly.  If that is the case then just make sure the proper service codes are setup in your bill codes so nothing else (contracts, billing, etc.) gets changed when you reassign those items to the correct service codes.

Here is a sample of Service Codes identifying by inventory items:



Also an item must have a service code assigned to it in order for it to be used on a service call. If there isn't a service code setting then the item will not show up in the inventory items list on service calls.


 Setting this wrong not only causes numerous of our alerts to return bad data but also causes your reports to be inaccurate.  The service code directs to what GL account your revenue, costs, adjustments and department go to when that item is used on a service call.


Your financial and profitability reports will not be accurate if you don't have this set correctly. Also this setting tells EA what type of items are to be included and excluded on a contract.


If the service code is set wrong on an item you could end up inadvertently charging or not charging a customer for something that should have or should not have been included on a contract. This is set within a contracts bill code.


Also see these links regarding excessive toner usage and usage limit meter type.

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