ID315 Excessive Toner Alert Overview & Sample

See this link for suggestions on how to approach abusers. 

Alert triggers when customer toner order history looks excessive based on the clicks being produced under contract. The alert compares the suggested manufacturer yields and % fill rates to calculated actual yields and % fill rates.

This alert requires three fields in the Item Record for each toner be populated: Service Code (click HERE for updating your service codes), Yield and Usage Limit Meter Type (instructions HERE). If you do not maintain these fields there will be some work to do before you can implement. Don't worry, we can help, see here for details. The newer versions report numbers for all like models on the same contract or Customer as per Variable1.

Companion alert is ID316. Maintaining missing info shown on ID316 output is vital to your excessive toner alert ID315. Instructions HERE on updating item records shown on ID316.

(This alert does not address developer)

To best understand, please note the definitions:

Fill % - The percentage of the page that is covered with toner. Manufacturers assume the average customer uses a 5% fill per color per standard page. Fill % is separate for each color of toner, so a full-page print of the night sky (using all four toners) would be 100% Black, 100% Cyan, 100% Magenta and 100% Yellow.

Yield – The number of copies/prints on a single toner cartridge before it must be replaced. Manufacturers quote their yields assuming a 5% fill. Therefore the higher the fill %; the lower the yield of each toner cartridge. (A published yield of 3,000 clicks is based on filling 5% of an 8.5 x 11 page with toner. So that same cartridge being used for 10% fill will only yield 1,500 copies/prints.)

Alert ID315 Colum Descriptions:

SO Number – Sales Order Number alert was triggered from

Toner Type – Indicates if line item on Sales Order is for BW or CLR toner

Model – Model number of the machine/ID the toner is linked to

#Models – The number of models in contract group using this same toner

QTY Ordered – Quantity of this toner item ordered on this specific sales order

Total CopiesEstimated total meter (over lifetime of the contract) of all equipment eligible for this toner

Please note:

It is important you know whether you have set this alert up based on Contract, Location, Customer or Bill T,o as this is how alert will consider meter info.

When triggering on BW this is a count of all BW and CLR clicks, but when triggering for CLR it is only a count of color clicks.

Calculation is NOT based on estimate settings in eAuto.

Total Toner – Total quantity of this toner (for all applicable models) ordered for the lifetime of the machines while on contract

Actual Yield – Formula uses the Total Copies divided by Total Toner

BW Actual = (Total BW copies + Total Color copies)/Total BW toners because black toner is used on BW and color pages

(Essentially the logic is that every click has some black ink, but not every click has color ink (i.e. Black/White print/copy selection). If we were to only consider BLK clicks when reporting on potential excessive BLK toner, then the logic wouldn't be including BLK toner used on color prints/copies.)

Color Actual = (Total Color copies/Total Color toners) * 3 because each color toner counts as a third as the device uses three color toner cartridges to produce one color click

Mfg Yield – This value is the average of all toner items shipped against this model group. For instance, if you have shipped 3 standard toners of yield = 10,000 and 2 ExtendedYield toners of yield = 15,000 then this value would be reported as 12,000. If you have only ever shipped multiples of the same items then this value will equal the yield of that toner item.

Fill % - Fill % calculated based on Total Copies and Total Toner shipped 

Note: fill rates will not be accurate for 11X17 single click and should be approximately doubled. Please see THIS POST on how to track 11x17 single click in eAutomate.

(Fill is MfgYield/ActualYield * 5 and is expressed as a percent (5 because 5% is the baseline used by the manufacturers to determine their yield). So if you've shipped 100,000 clicks and used 100,000 clicks fill is 5%, what the manufacturers say it should be. If you've shipped 100,000 but only run 50,000 you're getting 50% from your cartridges and so your fill is 10%. It's a geometrical progression, not a linear one. 10% isn't a little bad, it's VERY bad.)


Detail from alert email:
Black: 8.00 (per VariableX)
Color: 8.00 (per VariableY)
Toner Offset (one per color per Eqp) is: On (per VariableZ)
This SO triggering for ContractMajorNumber 6174 (per Variable1)
**Added feature as of June 2016**   
1) Total contract/group profit for last 12 months is 30.05% , ID150 SSRS Report not available on your SSRS Server, Contract Profit report link cannot be concatenated. 
If you have ID150 Contract Profitability SSRS Report installed, then this section will provide you active link to your SSRS ID150 Report, details HERE.
2) New Variable4 = Alert only triggers if contract/group profit is below designated 


Variables Available for Customization:

VariableW : service code(s) on toner items. (codes separated by commas)

VariableX: black fill % limit (minimum value to trigger-default/recommend is 8)

VariableY: color fill % limit (minimum value to trigger-default/recommend is 8)

VariableZ: '1' if your customers keep a spare toner 'on the shelf,' otherwise '0'. (By selecting ‘1’, this alert allows for this spare toner as part of its
 calculations.) This is referred to as ‘Toner Offset.’

Variable1: CLICK HERE to review these level definitions

0 - Fires at BillToCustomer level

1 - Fires at Customer level

2 - Fires at ShipTo Customer level

3 - Fires at Contract level

Variable2: AttributeName (Numeric) of Customer or Contract Custom Prop for alternate B\W fill limit

Variable3: AttributeName (Numeric) of Customer or Contract Custom Prop for alternate Color fill limit        

NOTE: The Custom Props per Variable2 and Variable3 will be created at EITHER the Contract or Customer level depending on how you are running the alert per Variable1. Changes made to those two Custom Props will not take affect until the next morning.

Variable4: Margin Percent - will trigger only if associated Margin Percentage for last 12 months under this value 

Using CustomProp Assignment to override fill% (same for Customer or Contract Record):

Use this CustomProp to assign fill% to use for Customer or Contract (based on setting for Var1)

 If you don't see these CustomProperties in your drop down selection, please see this post for creating:



1) If you are monitoring Service Codes which also contain non-toner items, it is important that those items DO NOT have a Meter Type (of BW or Color MeterTypeCategory) set, otherwise the alert will become confused when trying to determine total toner usage

2. Fill rates will not be accurate for 11X17 single click and should be approximately doubled

We are happy to validate a few examples so you are comfortable the data is accurate. Typically the problems we see that cause this report to be inaccurate are the following:

Wrong yield on the item

Wrong Usage Limit Meter Type, ie a waste toner with a ULMT of Color.

Estimated meters

We then recommend not spending too much time taking this data apart and proving it but checking the profitability of the contract (use ID150/Contract Profitability Custom Report). Then ensure you have a solid process for what your team should do when the alert triggers, click here for more.


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