ID891 - List of Equipment using the "Pencil" Edit Feature

Best Practices – Never use the “Pencil” Edit Feature to Update an Equipment Location Customer


When the location information on an Equipment Record is manually edited (using the little 'pencil' icon on that screen) the link between Equipment Record and Location Customer is broken in eAutomate. The edited data is saved in the Equipment Record itself but much of the eAuto and CEO Juice reporting which relies on those record being linked no longer functions (for instance if you want to pull a list of Eqp at a given location the edited Eqp will not appear on the list). Pencil edits are occasionally a necessary evil but we have found that 99% of the time there are better solutions typically using the remarks or description field.

We sometime hear clients say the must use the pencil when "the equipment is not located the same place that the toner needs to be shipped. Or the building has entrances on 2 different streets"  however our advice is if there are other notes that aren't normally on the equipment location remarks for a delivery, then they use the remarks or description field on the sales order to indicate where the toner needs to go.

When creating/updating an equipment record, it’s imperative to get accurate location information.  The best practice is to assign the appropriate Customer in the Location field.

To update this information, the “Pencil” edit button should NOT be used.  Doing so breaks the relationship with the installed Location customer, losing visibility and causing issues with tables, reports, CEO Juice alerts, etc. 



Thee best way to update the Installed Location field is to assign the appropriate customer.  There are a few ways to do so:

In Main Customer Record/Parent Customer, add additional locations in the "locations tab"


You can view/select current customers linked to the Master/Header customer by clicking the magnifying glass.


 2. If the Location Customer is not currently linked to the Master, click the “Show all customers” checkbox to locate the appropriate Customer.       ScreenShot.png

 3. If the Location does not have a current Customer record, in the Installed Location field, click the down arrow and select “New” to create a new customer.



When updating data in your e-automate system, it’s always best to use data that is stored in the tables.  Using the “Pencil” edit feature does not store this data and can cause issues down the road.  It is NEVER a good idea to use the “Pencil” edit functionality to update important information.

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