ID116 - Contract Assigned to a "Location Customer" vs. Parent Overview & Sample:

Notifies when Contract set up under Location Customer, not Parent Customer.

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Notifies when the Parent Customer is NOT listed as the Main Customer on Contract Record:


Run Schedule: Daily End of Day

Type of Output: Email

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Alert Functionality

Suggested Best Practice is for the Main Customer Record on all Contract Records to be assigned to a Parent Customer. Typically only in rare exceptions should the contract customer be a location of another customer. This alert checks that to notify if this rule is not followed.


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VariableW: ZCJDisable116Contract - set Custom Property to disabled to keep Contract Record from reporting on alert.

Our install team will set this Custom Property up for you.




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Best Practices & Tips

Any exception Contracts that you do not wish this alert to notify of, set Custom Property ZCJDisable116Contract to 'disabled':


See THIS LINK on Best Practice suggestions for Parent/Location Set up in eAuto.

How to create a custom property if they are needed, or mention to email help@ to have us set them up.



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