ID931 - Escalate eInfo Service Call (in Development)

eInfo does not give your customers the option to escalate an issue when it is urgent. This is a work around we have developed to allow your customers to come back to an open issue and say "it's now urgent".

Our challenge is that eInfo has no ability to track this change so our work around requires that your customer type the word escalate in the description. This is the best option we have come up with, let us know if you have a better idea.

The alert will trigger off of the word "escalate" placed in an existing call description. This enables your customer to let you know the urgency has changed and will notify your dispatchers within 15 minutes of need to escalate.  

Please subscribe to this alert if you are interested and let us know if you have any other suggestions about what issues we might automatically check for as this alert is still in development.

Our alert ID533 invites your contacts to use eInfo and sets them up with user login with a customized email invitation. You could consider using ID533 along with this alert to optimize your eInfo users, highlighting the fact that the only the word "escalate" will work.


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