ID785 - Compare Net Promoter Scores (NPS) Overview & Sample:

This alert is designed for dealers who are members of groups BPCA, CDA, OPSG, SDG, PDG, and are interested in comparing customer satisfaction metrics. Designed to send a list of results showing Dealer, NPS score for the Month, YTD and Previous Year. Dealers will not be included in results unless they subscribe to this alert and BY SUBSCRIBING YOU ARE CONFIRMING IT IS OKAY FOR US TO SHARE YOUR RESULTS WITH THE REST OF YOUR GROUP. Results will only be shared within a group so a SDG dealer would only see the NPS data for other SDG dealers subscribed to this alert. NPS is a trademark of

BPCA – Business Products Council Association

CDA – Copier Dealer Association

OPSG – Office Printing Strategies Group

SDG – Select Dealer Group

PDG – PRO Dealer Group





*Responses/Promoters/Detractors based on Last Month only

** Group Average and Juice Client Average DOES NOT REPORT Responses / Promoters / Detractors/ Total Surveys Sent / Response Rate - Those columns will always report a 0

**Total Surveys Sent includes all surveys that have the NPS question

**Fires Monthly on the 5th**


NOTE:  NPS Scores are only calculated when there are 10 or more responses to the NPS question. If less than 10, with so little survey responses coming in, just one will affect the overall score more significantly. Scores would be inflated or deflated more dramatically than those that actually get a good amount of responses. When we stack rank them at the end of the month, getting a score of 100 With 50 responses is a better sample than an NPS of 100 with 10 responses. We had to decide on a minimum threshold to provide a fair ranking and we decided on 10.

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