ID937 - Equipment No Longer Monitored by DCA Overview & Sample

Keeping track of meters not reported by DCA (Data Collection Agent, i.e. FMAudit, PrintFleet) can be a labor intensive process for your staff and can easily be pushed down on the "to do" list, which means less revenue for your organization. This alert will show which equipment records (with active Contract Record) that had previously been collected by DCA (or other automation pushing data into eAutomate) but are no longer being pushed in (they have 'fallen off' monitoring).

This alert will stack rank your accounts missing an automated meter with the most missing at the top. In sample below, Customer #AF04 has 19 pieces of equipment missing an automated meter. Next step is to determine why it is no longer reporting (has machine been traded-in, replaced by competitor, or is monitoring no longer working?).

This alert is not intended to find duplicates/repeated meters pushed into eAuto from your DCA (as some of the older versions do if not "finding" a meter). If the alert sees any meter read pushed in, then by definition, the equipment has not "dropped off".

(see ID876 to be notified of meters not reported by DCA that are due or past due)


 *Please note the LocCust is the Eqp Location Customer (assuming no pencil-edit), indicating where the Eqp actually is as opposed to what Customer it’s attached to

Variables (all required):

VariableW = # of days to look back for automated meters to identify Eqp which has been using meter automation (Required). This tells the alert how far back to sweep through eAuto looking for last reported DCA meter. 

We recommend setting VarW=90 and VarX=30 for the first few times until you are able to get it cleaned up, then change your VarW=120 to see if there are more and keep sweeping farther back until you know you have them cleaned up.

VariableX = # of days to look back for a lack of automated meter reads to identify 'drop offs' (Required)

VariableY = MeterSources used by eAuto to identify automated meter reads (Required)


***Please note: This alert will only consider Equipment Record assigned to an active Contract Record. It also does NOT consider whether the meter is set as required or not as Best Practice is only post DCA meters for those you do need/require.

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