ID876 - Missing Meters Overview & Sample

This alert reports all Meters due for billing in the next VariableX days where there is no indication that the meter read will be provided by DCA or other automation. VariableW indicates how many days to look back to see if this meter has ever been reported by automation, if the alert sees an automated meter read in the past it will assume a new one is coming soon. VariableY is where you list the MeterSources tied to your DCA or other automation ('Printfleet' or 'PrintTracker' for instance), separated by commas. VariableZ tells the alert to ignore meters where the MostRecentRead is already less than Z days old (for instance, if you bill meters within a ten-day threshold you might set this to '7', so the alert won't bother you about meters that will be 'valid enough' if you bill the contract this week).


VariableW: # of days to look back for MeterRead of appropriate source (which will indicate that this Eqp is being monitored). Default = 45

VariableX: # of days to look forward for Eqp which will be due to bill meters. Default = 30

VariableY: Meter Sources which indicate meter read from automation (FMAudit, Printfleet, etc. separated by commas). Default = FMAudit, Printfleet

VariableZ: Report only meters where MostRecentRead is more than Z days old ('-1' to report ALL). Default = -1

(See ID937 to be notified of records missing their automated meter)

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