Live Event - Key Steps for Sales Growth in the Copier Market in 2016

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Air Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2016 13:30 EST

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Compass, CEO Juice and combine in this Live Event to help you grow sales in 2016. Designed for your CEO and VP of Sales.

Buying processes in the copier market have changed significantly recently, but most copier dealers haven't changed their approach to adapt to this and may be struggling to hit sales targets. As part of this change it’s now much harder getting to the right person to make that sales call.

In the past potential buyers relied heavily on sales people for information; now 57% of the sale happens online and the prospect is well informed about your products and services before they meet you. Prospects are going to visit the manufacturer's page so that 52% may not be happening on your site. So getting leads and appointments is tougher than ever. Forward thinking copier dealers are starting to use social media such as LinkedIn more effectively to target customers; but there are other new technologies like HubSpot that can help generate even more opportunities and make sales people much more productive. CEO Juice clients are surveying customers and finding out who their raving fans are but are you leveraging these "promoters"?

In addition to looking at new technologies its vital to get the most out of the sales tools you have already invested in, such as your CRM. If you are not tracking who the decision maker is on each deal how can you know if your sales people are meeting with decision makers? Making key information that reps rely on like account reviews available direct from your CRM will encourage them to use their CRM.

Finally, to complete the picture you can generate massive amounts of new leads and opportunities but if your message isn't strong enough (both from the sales person and on the web) you won't convert those leads.

We will cover the key steps to achieve growth in this competitive market including:

  • Understanding the buyers process
  • How new technologies like HubSpot can help generate more opportunities, and allow sales to focus on qualified prospects
  • Understand how to Transform your CRM from being a database to a vital business intelligence source
  • “Leveraging your Promoters”. Ensure that those people who say they would recommend you actively engage with your prospects
  • How to ensure you have in place sales processes that enable your sales team to close those new opportunities at higher margins

Moderator: Frank Harkins,  Sales Training at and sales process at CEO Juice
Speakers: Gary Lavin, Partner, CEO Juice, John Schumann Founder Sales Coach, BobTreitel Regional Sales Manager Compass, Jim McMeel VP Sales Compass

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