ID758 - Biggest Toner Problems / How to Validate

Now that you have ID758, how can you validate the information?

We suggest taking a few steps to help you "dive in" to the contract and potential offending model(s).

Step 1: Run your SSRS ID150 Contract Analytics Customer Profitability for the exact contract number. Be sure to only run for period RM01 to RM12 as this reflects the Revenue, Cost, Margin% on your ID758 email (though the Toners Shipped, Group Clicks Billed, etc. do reflect lifetime usage) Below is a screen shot of recommended filter settings to be sure ID150 fires as needed:

(right click on image to open in new tab for better/larger view)

The results of this report will help you identify model(s) that have high cost for toner or high supply CPC.

 **If there are color devices, make sure this report indicates both a CLR and BLK Supply Cost. A common issue is the ItemRecord is missing designated Meter Usage Type:

Now that you have confirmed the model and supply issues,

Step 2: run eViews/Customer Transaction Detail Distributed (Analytics) for that contract number and narrow your filters down to see the issue. 

(This particular eView is showing how much toner was linked to the Equip ID in question. We were able to identify what the manufactuer yield value of these shipped toners is vs. the actual clicks billed)

 **Please note:

If you have a contract that is charging single click for 11x17, then it is likely showing on alert ID758 results. Please see THIS POST on recommended Best Practices for monitoring 11x17 single click rate contracts. You may want to consider "snoozing" these contract (see THIS POST on how to) or update your ID758 subscription to only include specific Contract Types (VariableX).

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