11x17 Single Click - How to track in eAutomate

Many years ago the Print for Pay industry figured out that if they could get their vendor to sell them an 11X17 as a single click they could run everything two up and cut it afterwards, effectively cutting their costs in half. Today most copiers are set to click twice for an 11X17 but there are times when sales will have to sell an 11X17 single click.

The tech can tell by settings on the copier whether it is set for a single click 11X17 or not but it's important to be able to tell in eAutomate as you wonder why a contract is losing money or supplies and parts are not meeting yields.

Many eAutomate canned reports and CEOJuice alerts (i.e. ID315) rely on manufacturer yields and % fill rates and these are typically based on 8.5x11, 5% fill of each color. 

Best Practice for 11x17 single click contracts (i.e. Print for Pay) is to assign these contracts a ContractType created specifically to identify them as configured for 11x17 single click. This will enable you to include/exclude this ContracType from reports and alerts.

Otherwise we recommend creating MeterTypes reflecting whether the machine is configured for single or double click. This way data can be pulled from the analytic tables and reporting information to isolate one or the other.

You will need to create MeterTypes via Lists & Codes in eAutomate:

BlackWhite Single Click:

Color Single Click:

BlackWhite Double Click:

Color Double Click:


You will then need to assign by EquipmentRecord the appropriate meter type. You can update the MeterType in Lists & Codes for your standard BLK & CLR MeterTypes to reflect double click and then go into EquipmentRecord of 11x17 single click machines to update to newly created single click MeterType.



**Please note: 

Some clients are limited to specific Meter type by their DCS (i.e. vCare) which requires the MeterType to match exactly. In this case, please just update the description and not the MeterType.


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