eAuto 8.7/16.1/17.1 + Things To Know About

1. TaxAuthority codes must have at least one TaxFlag (ITEM/LABOR, etc) associated with it before 8.7 upgrade. If not, then Open Orders and Open Service Calls can't invoice due due to taxflag missing error and the transaction gets stuck. 

2. CallbacksByClicks works

3. RemoteTech - if techs use the browser 'Back' button (and not the built in RemoteTech navigation buttons) it will leave the call checked out to the technician and no one can edit it in the EAutoClient. Also, you may lose information updated on the call if the browser back button is used.

4. When invoicing Service Calls, if tech puts labor records on a call while the call is on hold (using onhold release time for response), it will put the response time into a negative state. The 8.7 UI has a new tab when you are in invoicing mode to edit the onhold code start/stop times; however, if you edit the OnHold Code time it will not update the stored negative response time in the database as you edit the time. This means that even though you changed the onhold code release times, the call still has the negative response time stored so you can't save the call (negative response time not allowed).

5. Response time issues arise if a) labor records are created while the call is still on hold and/or b) multiple on hold codes applied to the same call with existing labor records.

6. If you have eAgent set to NOT send $0.00 invoices, you will also need to update a setting under Options that overrides your eAgent function. You need to make sure the box next to "Queue Zero Dollar Invoices" is NOT checked.

7. Using eAgent to put accounts on/off hold functions at Customer Level only-it will not remove individual transactions from CreditHold. This must be done manually. 

8. eAgent runs as a service in 8.7; be sure the user driving the service has the proper permissions. And for any users once on eAuto 7.6x, the old tasks show up in ID3 after the upgrade, specifically the analytics table update task. If you see this, please reach out to and we can get it corrected for you.

**Please note: CEOJuice receives notice of your upgrade and if there are any needed alert revision updates, we get those taken care of for you.

9. Version 16.1 or higher as added function of setting up recurring AP invoices, please see THIS LINK for those details.

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