ID8 - New Service Calls & Sales Orders OnHold Credit Overview & Sample

Alerts your accounts receivable person that a new service call or sales order has been placed and is on hold for the specified reason code. Typically, this is 'CH' for Credit Hold. Additional on hold codes can be entered into Variable W. Multiple codes can be entered, but they must be separated by a comma. This alert will only trigger once for each time a transaction is put on hold. The on hold time field is meant strictly for service calls. It calculates the time from creation of the call until the time the alert triggers.

Use VariableW to list OnHold Codes to trigger on or leave blank and alert will default to CH (CreditHold) only.


Sample for Sales Order: Includes References (Sales Order #), Customer Name, Customer #, Open Date, On Hold Time, Requested Date, Rep, Caller, Type, Equipment ID, AR Current, AR1 to 30, AR31 to 60, AR61 to 90, AR90+, AR as of Date.

Sample for Service Call: Same as above with reference being the Call#.

This alert has 2 variables:

VarW = Additional On Hold Codes (CH included by default), separated by comma

VarX  = Branch numbers alert should fire on (separate multiples by comma or leave blank for ALL)



Note:  Placing or releasing a hold on the customer record has no effect on any open transactions.

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