Does CEO Juice work in ECI's Hosted Cloud environment?

The majority of CEO Juice services and processes will work in ECI's hosted environment.

We have very limited rights and can't fix things for you as they break, but rely on ECI's support.

There are a few key areas you should be aware of: 

1. Our UPS Integration (ID530) FedEx Integration (ID531) will work, but you will need to work with ECI on setup. Email them at to open a ticket to: 

(a) provide them with the IP address of your WorldShip Workstation so they can white list the address

(b) ECI will need to give you a SQL Login and User ID. See this link for overview. See this link for set up.

2. Auto installation of processes now works in ECI's hosted environmentpreviously we were unable to automatically install and update alert revisions, they were manually done. However our SSRS-based alerts & reports still require a manual install by our team and there may be delays depending on demand. 

3. SSRS on demand reports (SQL Server Reporting Services) and CEO Juice Apps are accessed differently in hosted, see this link on how to access as an ECi hosted client.

4. We cannot support ECI's Digital Analytics. You must contact ECI support.

5. We suggest you check with your CRM vendor as some CRM to e-automate integrations are not supported. We know Compass Sherpa has a webservice workaround, and you will need to contact them directly.

6. Clients on hosted have informed us they do not have the option to fax meter requests.

7. Power BI Dashboards: We need to work with ECi to open up access and set an ODBC connection for you. You will need to provide us the public static IP address for your company network so that ECI can whitelist it to allow us access. 

This is a security requirement for ECI. The Power BI application is installed locally on your network, it is not available through the ECI Hosted remote apps. In order for them to open a route to the database, ECI will whitelist the company static IP so that only their network can only reach your database. *Note, If you already have other services like our UPS integration or Compass Sherpa that can reach your e-automate database from their network, then the IP is already whitelisted.


See this post for how to set up CEO Juice in ECI's hosted environment.


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