ID556 - Reports of Same Meter Reading Billed W # of Times Overview & Sample

This alert is designed to advise you when you are billing the same meter read on a machine over and over (showing no clicks per billing cycle). It looks only at Billed meters, if you want to review all meters for duplicates see ID506.

(alert looks back to 10-days of invoice activity in case invoice(s) back dated)

VariableW: # of duplicate billed meter reads on which to trigger (minimum)



When customer is storing equipment and therefore no meter read collected (best practice):

When customers temporarily put equipment in storage, if it remains on the contract you estimate the same meter over and over, therefore triggering this alert. One option is to remove the equipment from the contract (put an end date and end meter) so it will not bill out / ask for meters. When active again add the equipment back onto the contract (new start date).

Another option, if you want to keep the equipment on the contract, you can move it to its own meter group (ie Stored Equipment) and override the overage schedule just for that meter group i.e to yearly. There is also the option to use equipment meter reading schedule only on the equipment that is in storage, and set that schedule out further than the normal overage schedule. This way the stored equipment would need to be stored for 3 years (3 estimated meters entered in a row) for it to trigger on ID556. In that case any temporary stored equipment likely wouldn’t be stored for length of time, and you would be better to remove from the contract.

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