ID550 - Takes new meter readings and compares to volume trend for sanity check Overview & Sample

To advise of a change in volume trend, up or down or more likely a bad meter read (for any equipment actively collecting meters, regardless if under contract or not). We alert if the % swing is greater than Variable W (positive or negative). Variable X is the minimum Avg Monthly Volume to consider when triggering. VariableY can be set to trigger on the amount of consecutive identical readings entered in eAuto and VariableZ can be set to trigger on the amount of consecutive estimated meters entered.  Branch roles are enabled on this alert.


Subject: Fw: Meter Volume variance exceeds threshold


The Percent Change column is showing change based on % difference between current monthly average and previous monthly average.

These averages are pulled from eAuto averages found in Meter Reading Console:


To determine the value for Prior Monthly Average, the alert looks for the first 3/6/12/Install average value in eAutomate that is greater than 0, starting at the 3-month average.  If eAutomate has not calculated any average meters, the alert will calculate 18-month, 24-month and All-Time average based on the first-ever reported meter and the most current valid meter.  If neither of these methods produce results, the alert defaults to the best average volume across all equipment records of that model in your eAutomate database.


VariableW: % change on which to trigger, expressed an an integer (enter '40' to see meters that show a positive or negative volume variance of 40% or greater), defaults to 25 (The lower the number, the more it will report on)

VariableX: Minimum AvgMoVol to consider when triggering, defaults to 250

VariableY: Trigger if more than Y consecutive identical readings, defaults to 3, input an extremely high value (99999) if you don't want those to report.

VariableZ: Trigger if more than Z consecutive estimated reading, defaults to 3, input an extremely high value (99999) if you don't want those to report.

Variable1:  Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL


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