ID694 - Tech Stale Inventory Items Overview & Sample

Got a tech that insists on holding to parts not used in a year even though they have no models they service using those parts, but you can't easily prove that? This alert is similar to our ID72/Tech Car Stock Highlighted, however it sends a PDF report to the tech of parts to turn back in. The report includes the warehouse/bin, so when parts returned with the report, your warehouse staff can easily re-shelve them. Report also tells what equipment in your territory and/or entire company MIF can use the "stale" item.

**Please note we look at ALL items used and not related items so a new part not yet used could generate a false positive. This alert/process also requires ID72 active subscription.

**Alert only looks at transferred in last 30 days. If it was transferred before that then it could be flagged as dead.


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