ID694 - Tech Stale Inventory Items Overview & Sample:

Provides list of items considered stale in Tech Car Stock for tech to return to warehouse

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Got a tech that insists on holding on to parts they haven't used in a year, even though they have no models they service that use that part but you can't easily prove that? This alert sends a pdf report to the technician of parts to turn back in. Report shows warehouse/bins so warehouse staff know where to restock the items. Also shows what quantity of equipment in the technicians' territory and/or the entire company MIF can use the "stale" item as well as Min/Max settings for tech's warehouse.

Note we look at all items used and not related items so a new part not yet used could generate a false positive. This process requires that ID72 be running as well and uses your ID72 variables to determine what is stale.

Run Schedule: Mondays AM

Type of Output: Email & On Demand SSRS Report


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(1) Email shows Total Inventory Value and Stale Inventory Value (Cost or Retail depending on your Variable2 setting on ID72):


(2) PDF Sample to Tech and/or Tech Manager:


(3) PDF Sample Summary sent to those listed in To/CC/BCC:



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This alert has no variables. Alert uses your ID72 variable settings.



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. Alert looks at ALL items used and not related items, so a new part not yet used could generate a false positive.

2. Considers items transferred in last 30 days, if it was transferred before that then it could be flagged as dead. 

3. Since alert only considers transferred items, an item received directly into tech warehouse, could show as stale.

4. When selecting COST for price to show on report, items display average cost EXCEPT serialized items - serialized items show actual cost

5. This alert relies heavily on ID72 function and uses your ID72 variables to determine what is stale, please see THIS LINK for more details

Column Definitions

Column Definitions:

Days last used: days since used via service call activity

Max is 30 regardless if value you enter is greater than 30 (otherwise there is just way too much data to pull)

Days last txfr: Days since item transferred to tech's warehouse

Min/Max: Min/Max setting on tech warehouse for this item 

Allocated: quantity of item already allocated (i.e. pending service call)

MIF Tech / Company:  Tech MIF is active contract Equipment assigned to Tech. Company MIF is active contract Equipment across entire company for any/all equipment that has ever had the item 'used' on a service call or sales order.

Best practice is to have stale inventory at 0%, item should return to main warehouse for use and/or wholesaled.

Retail / Cost: Will show retail or Cost value based on your select for Variable2 setting

Stale: indicates in red if item considered stale based on your variable settings

QOH: Quantity on Hand in Tech's Warehouse

Warehouse /Bin: Indicates the Warehouse / Bin the item should be returned (based on Warehouse and Item Record settings in eAuto):

WarehouseWe look at the default warehouse set for the branch set on Techs Warehouse Record

Tech Warehouse Record Branch Assignment:


Branch Default Warehouse Assignment (under Accounting / Branches / Details tab:



If you don't have branches, then Default Warehouse found under Tools / Options / Company / Edit main branch settings:


Bin - We look at default bin associated with Purchase Order Receipt Transaction Type (Bin defaults tab) from Item Record:


-If your report shows TWO Warehouses, then we are showing Tech's Warehouse Branch AND Main Branch Warehouse as they are different.

-If your report shows NO Warehouse or Bin details, then you are missing Purchase Order Receipt Transaction on the Item Record






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OnDemand Report Filters

OnDemand Report Filters


Technicians: Select Techs to report on

Non Tech Whse: Select Non Tech / Customer Warehouses to report on

Days since activity (excludes transfers): enter days since service call activity to consider (Max is 30 regardless if value you enter is greater than 30 (otherwise there is just way too much data to pull)

Days since last transfer or receipt: Enter number of days going back from today to see if item was not used on sales order/service call or purchased to flag as stale

Days of detailed activity to show: Enter number of days of usage activity to show

Stale avg cost > than ($): Flag items as stale when average cost > XXX

Only include contracted equipment: Yes/No

Yes=would exclude non-contracted equipment from Tech and Company MIF calculations

No=would include non-contracted equipment from Tech and Company MIF calculations

Valuation: enter either Cost or Retail 

Cost = Average Cost

Retail = Default Price as the alert logic assumes you are using the eAuto Default Price field for that purpose

Show items w/Zero Min & Usage: Yes/No - yes to show items with zero minimum and zero usage (at tech warehouse level)

Summary: Yes/No - indicate if you'd like if in summary format, if no, then shows details

Stale Items Only: indicate if you want to ONLY see stale items, or entire Tech Car Stock and Stale Items

Mode: no control of this filter - shows 694 if only showing stale items or shows 72 if showing entire Tech Car Stock and Stale Items

Branches Included: filter for selected branch or leave set with default for ALL branches



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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

1. Best practice is to have dead inventory at 0%, item should return to main warehouse for use and/or wholesaled.

2. Tech missing from report? Please see THIS LINK on required settings in eAuto for each tech.

3. Not getting Part Level Details as expected? See THIS LINK on why?

4. We recommend using the eAuto Inventory Logistics Console to help manage min/max. More details at ILC Best Practice HERE.

-Use the Inventory Item Import Utility to update Bin Defaults on Item Records:



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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID72 - Tech Car Stock & Stale Items

ID872 - Tech Overstock Pull Back Report


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