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Most dealers let the techs determine what should be in their car stock, the challenge is taking back the stock they don't need. This will show management a summary report of stale inventory with total dollars of stale for each tech, with a separate detailed report going to the tech. Once you are comfortable with this report move on to ID694/Tech Stale Inventory which automates the process of having the techs return that stale inventory.

(Use ID694 to automate the bring back process)

Also shows what Machines in Field (MIF) in that territory could possibly use that stale part based on history.

We typically see new clients with 25 to 30% of tech's car stock stale, ask yourself how much that would be for you.

Then run our tech productivity SSRS report (ID204) for six months and see what the reschedules are for each tech, then take back parts they are not using and get them some they need. More details on ID204 click HERE.

We also recommend using the eAuto Inventory Logistics Console to help manage min/max. More details at ILC Best Practice HERE.


**We recommend the description of the techs warehouse match their name or be something more defining than something generic like "Car Stock" please. The report groups by warehouse description so if all your techs warehouse descriptions are Car Stock, the alert is unable to differentiate (it looks like none of them are reporting).**



VariableW = # of days to go back from today to see if item was not used on sales order, service call, or purchase order receipt in order to flag item as dead/dormant

VariableX = Flag items Dead/Dormant only if avgcost > XXX.XX

VariableY = HistoryUsgeDays to show (0 shows no history)

VariableZ = CustomPropertyAttribute to indicate fieldtechs (default is ZCJFieldtech)

**For the summary version (sent to those listed in To, CC or BCC of your subscription), the tech must have a manager assigned to their eAuto Employee Record (no Custom Property per VariableZ required). Will report on Employee Records set as Tech with Manager.


**For the individual tech version, alert will only report on eAuto Employee Records set with Custom Property (VariableZ) set to YES. 




Variable1 = Days since item transferred into warehouse to not count as stale if no usage

VariableY indicates the number of days of history to include for item transactions in the techs warehouse. If tech used item out of another warehouse, then that usage will NOT appear in the history. VariableY should be the # of days between the schedule of this report (every 30 days or every 7 days) depending on whatever the schedule you prefer for us to run the report.

If you only want to send this alert to your fieldtechs you need to setup a custom attribute as yes/no to indicate which employees are actual techs out in the field. This alert does not, by default, go to either tech or tech manager. If you want that be sure to check the appropriate box. Manager can also receive report by tech, so summary page will group by tech warehouse.

Variable1 is # of days to check for Transferred in date to not count as stale if no usage in specified days (30 is default if left blank)


Summary Report:

(sent to anyone listed in TO: CC: or BCC: of alert subscription)

Dollars in red are stale based on the parameters you set, the default is costing more than $20 and not used in six months. We show the % of a tech's stock that is stale also in red.

Use ID75 custom report for doing a detailed inventory analysis. Click here for more.

The detailed version for your tech shows their current warehouse quantity on hand. It not only shows the retail value at each item level, but also provides a total value at the top based on the average cost. It also flags items as dead/dormant if the item has not been used or purchased since Variable W (number of days back from today) and has an average cost exceeding Variable X.


Sample of Tech version below:

 Sample 1 (at tech level):



Section in Yellow Box shows PartNumber, PartDescription and highlights in yellow if inventory is considered “stale”. Stale inventory is defined as inventory that has not been used in VarW days and cost (VarY) greater than $XXX.00. These variables are set by your company (not by CEOJuice).

Section in Red Box shows Min/Max Levels (if set for tech), quanitity allocated (not yet billed/removed from inventory), MIF (machines in field) for tech and retail price (please see notation at bottom of this post about retail/default price).

End of report will show summary for tech (Dormant Inventory Value is Based on Average Cost):



Sample 2 (Manger Level Roll Up):

Manager Level Roll Up available via the Custom Report or to any email address listed in to: or cc: or bcc: of subscription.


End of report will show summary. Summary will vary based on how you have Custom Report set up. Can show subtotals by manager’s group, by warehouse tech and for entire contents of report.



Best Practices & Tips:

Main Warehouses (non Carstock Warehouse):

If you have the Main Warehouse showing on any of your reports, please be sure to check that your Technician eAuto Employee Records are assigned to their own specific warehouse, not the MAIN WAREHOUSE.


You can identify which techs are causing this problem by going to eViews. Under System / Shared open the Employees / Contractors eView and filter it by Technician = Yes and Warehouse contains Main. (You'll need to customize and import columns, so let us know if you need help with this.) This will show you the technicians that have the Main warehouse assigned to their employee record. You will need to create a technician warehouse for each of the techs in the list and assign it to their employee records under the Positions tab.


Retail Price:

The ‘Retail Price’ label assumes you are using the DefaultPrice field for that purpose. The checkbox does not need to be checked for the report to pick up the pricing, the value just needs to exist. We realize that not all clients are using this field. A future revision will give you the option of what dollar figure (and label) to place in that column.


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