Automatic Contract Increase

**See our alert ID261 to be notified of Contract Records missing auto increases.**

eAuto allows for automatic increase of both base and overage rates each independent of each other. 

To set the auto increase go to the Contract Record:

1. the $ sign next to base rate takes you to

2. the available Contract Rate Schedules


-The start date of the increase is 1-year from the start date of the contract

-This rate schedule option exists whether your base rate is set to use "Contract Base Rate" or "Equipment Base Rate"

Once the rate schedule is saved, then you can see the schedule of increases and associated rate:

Set up for Overage is similar via the Meter Group:

These rate schedules need to be set in Lists & Codes (this is sample):

**Note the set up is consistent with the Cycle, annual increase for increase of 3% every 12 months and round to $1, not $.001.

This rate schedule is for overage billed monthly set to increase 8% every 12 months rounding to $0.001:


* * *


1. Escalations can also be set at Equipment Level, rather than overall Contract Record Level:

Contract Record MUST have base set to Use Equipment Base Rates. Then can use Equipment/Item tab to select each Equipment Detail Record:



2. Both Base and Meter Group escalations can also be set for the Contract under Meter Groups tab:



When renewing contracts via the eAuto contract renewal process, you must bill the final overage cycle on the contract before you renew the contract.  Once the final overage invoice has been billed, the increased rate shown on the Overage Rate Schedule will take effect. You can then renew the contract and the new contract will pick up the new overage rate.  If you renew the contract prior to the final overage being billed, eAuto will not increase the rate on the new contract.

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