ID261 - Contracts with no Scheduled Increases for Base or Overage Overview & Sample

To notify of contracts missing base and/or meter rate schedule increases. This is a repeating alert that will tell you for a contract and will repeat the notice on the contract until action is taken.

See this Best Practice link on setting auto contract rate increases. 

**see our alert ID560/Low Profit Contract up for Renewal / Escalation**

If you don't want it to repeat on a certain contract then set the custom property ZCJ261DisableNoEscalateAlert (VariableX) on the contract to "disable" and this will stop the contract from repeating. (Allowed settings are 'Yes/No', 'Disable/Enable', or 'Disabled/Enabled')


VariableW: checks contracts starting this number of months back, default is 99 to capture as many qualifying contracts possible and to ensure if backdated contract entered, you will still be notified

VariableX: Custom Property alert considers to disable, defaults to ZCJ261DisableNoEscalateAlert



VariableY: enter string of first few characters of Contract Types to exclude

VariableZ: Contract Type (not description) alert should ignore checking Base Rate auto increases on

Variable1: Contract Type (not description) alert should ignore checking Meter Group auto increases on

Variable2: enter Branch Numbers (not name or description) to limit which branch(es) alerts considers




Alert sorts by Creator

Alert will list contract 2x if triggered for BOTH missing auto increase on Base and Overage



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