ID261 - Contracts with no Scheduled Increases for Base or Overage Overview & Sample:

To notify of contracts missing base and/or meter rate schedule increases. This is a repeating alert that will tell you for a contract and will repeat the notice on the contract until action is taken.

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To notify on contracts that have missing base and/or meter rate schedule increases. This is a repeating alert that will tell you for a contract and will repeat the notice on the contract until action is taken.

If you don't want it to repeat on a certain contract then set the custom property ZCJ261DisableNoEscalateAlert on the contract to "disabled" and this will stop the contract from repeating.

Alert checks contracts with start date as far back as quantity of months listed in VariableW.  

Run Schedule: Mondays AM

Type of Output: Email


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Sorts by CreatorID

Alert will list contract 2x if triggered for BOTH missing auto increase on Base and Overage



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Variable W: Enter qty of months back to check Contract Start Dates

Variable X: Custom Property on Contract Record to disable this alert

Allowed settings are 'Yes/No', 'Disable/Enable', or 'Disabled/Enabled

Variable Y: Enter first few characters in name of ONE Contract Type code to ignore

Variable Z: Contract Type(s) (not Contract Type description) to be excluded from Base check only (separated by comma)

Variable 1: Contract Type(s) (not Contract Type description) to be excluded from Meter Check only (separated by comma)

Variable 2: Branch numbers alert fires on (list multiple branches separate by commas). Leave blank for ALL branches


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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality


If missing increase on multiple at Meter Group level, alert only shows name of Meter Group so could appear as duplicate entry. But in fact, it is both Meter Groups, there is just no name differentiation: 


-Will notify for contracts that have a schedule in place but missing scheduled rate increases, as long as the contract does not expire before the next increase date.

-Contracts will continue to report on alert email until missing scheduled increase is added OR you can disable contract from reporting via Custom Property ZCJ261DisableNoEscalateAlert to Disable:

*Due to variations in how users have set the Custom Property, alert will also stop reporting if Custom Property set to Disabled or Yes*


Messages Explained

Message Types Explained:

-Email shows in Msg column the reason for the contract reported:

No Base Increases Scheduled - When your Contract Record is set to Use Contract Base Rate, escalation set here:


No MeterGroup Ovg Increases Scheduled - No escalation set on Meter Group:


No Eqp Base Increases Scheduled - When Contract Record set to Use Equipment Base Rates, alert looks for escalation to be set at Equipment Level here:



Alert also considers escalations set on Meter Group tab:



-Multiple/Duplicate Entries:

multiple records of same type on that contracts are missing scheduled increases. For your example above maybe there's a black and white and a color meter group both of which are lacking.


-Alert can be cloned by selecting + under your existing subscription. Just make sure there is differences in your variable settings. More on cloning HERE.




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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

-See this Best Practice link on setting auto contract rate increases. 

Custom Property Set Up:

Custom Property Set Up:

If you do not have needed Custom Property for your Contract Records to be disabled for this alert process, we can set for you or here are the instructions:

Go to Lists & Codes / Attributes, New:

Attribute Name: ZCJ261DisableNoEscalateAlert

Description: Enabled/Disabled ID261 Contract Missing Schedule Increase Alert

Data Type: User-Defined Lookup

Lookup List: Disable and Enable (as shown below)




Then go to Configurations (custom properties) to add the above newly created attribute to your Contract Record configurations:


After selecting QuickAdd, should show in your list of available Attributes for Contract Records:




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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

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