ID261 - Contracts with no Scheduled Increases for Base or Overage Overview & Sample

To notify on contracts that have missing base and/or meter rate schedule increases. This is a repeating alert that will tell you for a contract and will repeat the notice on the contract until action is taken.

**see our alert ID560/Low Profit Contract up for Renewal / Escalation**

If you don't want it to repeat on a certain contract then set the custom property ZCJ261DisableNoEscalateAlert (VariableX) on the contract to "disable" and this will stop the contract from repeating. Alert checks contracts starting a # of months back equal to VariableW (or more recent), default is 99. Variable Y will only look at one 'string' that you enter and will exclude ALL ContractTypeCodes (not Contract Type description) that contain that string. We wanted to give our customers a lot of flexibility with this alert so if you want to exclude from checking the Base only you could use Variable Z and if you wanted to exclude from checking the Meters only you could use Variable1. If you want to exclude them from the alert altogether you would need to enter them in both VarZ and Var1. Make sure you list ContractType Codes and not the ContractType Description.




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