How To update your model categories? (ID295)

Understanding what is a segment 1 printer versus a segment 6 MFP is required for any of our Machines in Field (MIF) reports (ID683, ID923). eAutomate handles this through Model Categories.

Model Category is listed on Model Record as seen here in eAuto via Inventory / Models:


You will need to update and/or create Model Categories using consistent naming convention to identify Type of Device and Segment (i.e. MFP-A3-CO-03)

The Category should contain the naming convention of: MFP-A3-CO-03

The Category Description should contain Full Details: MFP A3 Color Segment 3 {PE3BC}

Step 1 Create Model Categories:

Create/Edit your Model Categories in eAuto via Tools / Lists & Codes / Model Categories:

Category: MFP-A3-CO-03

Category Description: MFP A3 Color Segment 3 {PE3BC}

At bottom of this article are attachments to naming conventions by CEOJuice and by BEI and Pros Elite so you can easily copy/paste into eAuto. 

The CEOJuiceRecommended attachment combines both BEI & Pros Elite naming conventions and is also what we recommend if you are neither a BEI nor Pros Elite member.



Step 2 Bulk Update:

You will need to assign each eAuto Model Record with a Model Category. The quickest and most efficient way to assign these is via Bulk Updates. You can also do one-by-one at the Model Record level (accessed via Inventory/Models), but Bulk Update does give you a better picture as well as allows you to update more than one model with same Model Category at a time.

Under Tools / Bulk Updates, select Update list for 'Models' and hit "GO" to see all of your Models:

Then select (1) Model(s) to update and (2) select from drop down which Model Category to assign:


Step 3 Update Model Mapping App:

Once you have updated all of your Model Categories, you will see them populated in your Model Mapping App (no need to map accessories).

You will then need to complete needed mapping in your Model Mapping App for MIF Reports (ID923 and ID893) and Key Services (ID789). CLICK HERE for those instructions on accessing followed by how to. 


Leave accessories (if you have them) unmapped:




Please watch this video for instructions:
**Spreadsheet attached for BEI segment Logic as well as Pros Elite segment logic**
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