ID295 - Model Category (segment) Mapping App

Click here for using with ID683 - Current MIF Sales Opportunity 

Click here for using with ID789 - Customers not using all your key services

Click here for using with ID923 - Contract MIF Report

Understanding what is a segment 1 printer versus a segment 6 MFP is very important to any of our Machines in Field (MIF) reports. eAutomate handles this through Model Categories. However, we need everyone to standardize to one set of categories for this to work. We got together with BEI and Pros Elite and created a list of suggested categories if you want to change to ours, but we also built an App to allow you to keep your existing Model Categories but to map them to ours.

This Model Mapping App is currently required for our Sales Opportunity MIF (ID683)Contract MIF Analysis (ID923) and Key Services (ID789) - Customers not using all your key services reports. The App pulls your current Model Categories from eAuto and allows you to map them to our list. Changes to the model categories in this app will effect the results of the reports above, ID683 ID789 and ID923.


**Please see THIS POST on why and how to update your eAuto Model Categories as this is required before you can use the ID295 Mapping App** 

BEI - If your categories are already updated according to BEI categories, these will automatically be mapped for you. However, you will still need to edit each Model Category to complete the Average Price, Turn Rate and Retention Rate. 

Pros Elite - If your categories are according to Pros Elite categories, you will need to map them in the app. And you will need to complete the Average Price, Turn Rate and Retention Rate. 

Neither - If you do not wish to use BEI or Pros Elite Model Category naming conventions, then you can also use your own. CEO Juice are fans of the Pros Elite Group and have processes specific for them (ID167 and ID640), visit for more.

See the attachment at the bottom for BEI/Pros Elite list of what segment each model belongs to, they base this information from manufacturer data. 


See bottom of this article for an Excel list of BEI & Pros Elite categories. The middle tab to look up a model and we include the Pros Elite category. Almost 8,000 models listed.

Subscribe to this app and once installed, then you can access via  (note no 's', not https) http://servername:8888 and select 'Model Mapping': Click here if you don't know where to find the App.




User: user

Password: map

Main Screen Shows all of your eAuto Model Categories (left column):

1.Complete all categories that are showing UnMapped and edit any you would like to change.

2.Each Model Category will need values entered for Average Price, Turn Rate and Retention Rate (without this info your ID683/MIF MIF Sales Opportunity Report will be blank)

Click on left column Model Category to edit:

Model Class, Model Type and Model Segment ALL have drop down values for you to select from. (We have intentionally set these as fixed and not changeable to keep consistency and use across the board.)


1. Average Price = YOUR average selling price for this model category**

2. Turn Rate (Months) = YOUR average turn rate for this model category**

3. Retention Rate = YOUR average customer retention rate (.6=60%) **

**Please note we have set the default to these so they are unrealistic and will stand out for you to update, see THIS POST on sample rates


Model Class:

Use Model Class to designate (includes mailing equipment, A3/A4, Telephone, Wide Format, etc.):



Model Type:

Use Model Type to designate type of equipment (i.e. black or color device, mailing equipment, etc.)



Model Segment: 

Use Model Segment to designate speed or other detail for non-printer/copier devices (i.e. 02, Fax, Laptop, Furniture)






****For BEI & Pros Elite members, click here for a video that describes how to use the spreadsheet and utilize the eAuto Bulk Update tool for Model Category updates****

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