Why & How To update your model categories? (ID295)

Understanding what is a segment 1 printer versus a segment 6 MFP is required for any of our Machines in Field (MIF) reports (ID683, ID923). eAutomate handles this through Model Categories.

Model Category is found in eAuto Inventory/Models:

You will need to create Model Categories which can be found in eAuto under Tools/Lists & Codes/Model Categories:


For BEI or Pros Elite members, please see attachment at bottom of this article providing their Model Category naming convention (i.e. for BEI: DIG-BW-01 or for Pros Elite: {PE1}). If you wish to use your own naming convention, that is fine too! We just need you to have Model Categories set up, then use our ID295 Mapping App to "map" those categories for your MIF Reports and Key Services.

The quickest and most efficient way to assign Model Categories to each Model in eAuto is via Bulk Updates. You can also do one-by-one at the Model Record level (accessed via Inventory/Models), but Bulk Update does give you a better picture as well as allows you to update more than one model with same Model Category at a time.

Under Tools/Bulk Updates, select Update list for 'Models' and hit "GO" to see all of your Models:

Then select (1) Model(s) to update and (2) select from drop down which Model Category to assign:


Once you have updated all of your Model Categories, you will see them populated in your Model Mapping App like this:


Instructions on navigating to your Mapping App and how to complete needed mapping for MIF Reports and Key Services here: ID295/Model Category (segment) Mapping App 



**For BEI & Pros Elite members, the video below describes how to use the spreadsheet and utilize the eAuto Bulk Update tool for Model Category updates**

Please watch this video for instructions:
**Spreadsheet attached for BEI segment Logic as well as Pros Elite segment logic**
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