ID167 - Courtesy calls triggering callbacks, Overview & Sample

If a tech goes out on a courtesy call to clean a machine and an hour after they leave, the customer has to call in for service then is this new call a callback? The standard eAutomate settings say it's not, but some industry groups like Pros Elite insist it is.

This alert goes thru and selects newly closed non-rescheduled calls in the last 24 hours that were not flagged by eAutomate's standard callback check (only look for last closed 'CC' call), and reevaluates the callback parameters by looking back for the last calltype(s) using the calltype catetory(s) specified in VariableW below (defaults to 'CC') and will mark the callback and update the callback overridden by columns on the appropriate newly closed calls that don't pass the callback check using these additional calltype categories.

This task will also add a 'note' to the service call if you specify a notetype in variableX that we should use to add the remarks that this process 'updated' the callback flag.

Dealerships using Pros Elite services struggle trying to get the CallBack counts in eAutomate and CEOJuice reports to match up, and this is due to eAutomate only looks back for calls where the calltype category is set to 'CM' (Corrective Maintenance) to determine if the previous call 'lasted' for the specified #Clicks or #Days.

Pros Elite is one 3rd party that also uses calltypes with the 'CC' (Courtesy Call) to flag a callback, and others still want to include install calltypes (category 'IR').  


For example:

If you want to track HelpDesk calls for call backs, then we propose you assign your helpdesk calltypes to the ‘PF’ (Phone fix) category. Then this alert will take new calls not already flagged as a callback by a CM call, and go back to latest ‘PF’ or ‘CC’ (in VariableW list ‘PF’ and ‘CC’ in the variable) and the alert would see if there was previous call of those ‘types’ that would trigger a callback on Days or Clicks. 

VariableW - Select the calltype category(s) [list separated by commas] that you want to use to trigger a callback. Do not include CM, as eAutomate already processes CM calltype categories in its existing callback logic. 

Valid calltype categories are:
CC (Corrective Maintenance)
IR (Install)
SH (Shop)
PF (Phone Fix)
PM (Preventative Maintenance)
O (Other)

VariableX - If you want this process to also add a 'note' to the service call indicating that the ceojuice process 167 updated this call as a callback ..along with the details of how we arrived at that callback trigger, then put the NOTETYPE from eAutomate that you want us to us.  If you leave this blank, then we won't add a call note.


Email shows which tech is getting "dinged" with the call back and shows note 

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