ID743 - Tech Calls/Notes Summary Overview & Sample

We see many people request details of what work was done on a service call and in theory we could send the technician notes to the person who placed the service call. However techs don't always put the best notes on a call and you may want to keep an eye on what's being entered before going live to the customer. This alert fires at end-of-day and gives you a chance to quickly review all invoiced calls to make sure your techs are putting in notes suitable for your customers to read, and other data to make sure they're closing calls correctly (for instance assigning proper Problem and Repair codes). We also find that many clients don't do a good job of identifying what the actual problem and resolution was on a call. This could be especially important if you were getting a lot of "operator error" issues and wanted to review these with your customer. Finally, some companies will review calls and if there was no actual problem with the equipment change the call type to a non corrective maintenance call so the tech is not hit with a callback. This alert will send a daily summary of problem/resolution/notes for review. Alert will only consider CM call types, invoiced today or yesterday.


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