ID669 - NMI Portal Navigation Guide

This documentation provides instructions on navigating the NMI Gateway portal to complete tasks such as viewing your billing statements, finding customer transactions, processing virtual payments, issuing refunds, handling transaction failures and more.


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Log in to the NMI Portal

Log in to the NMI Portal

Click here to log in to the NMI portal

When you first log into the portal you will see your NMI dashboard that contains short cuts for many of the options found on the left side of the screen

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Manage Users for Your Company

Manage Users for Your Company

Watch this 4 minute video on managing users for your company and see instructions below.

In the NMI portal, click on My Settings in the upper-right hand corner of the screen and select User Accounts. This will list all of the user accounts for your company for this portal.

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Permissions and Notifications:

In the Permissions and Notifications columns you will see what each user has, noting the key at the bottom of the screen for what each letter represents. 

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To edit these settings per user, click on the hyperlink in the Username column. From there, you will be directed to that users account edit page where you can change passwords, update email addresses and adjust permissions and notifications. 

Note that if a user is inquiring about receiving notifications twice, such as a settlement notice, this could be because they are a recipient of ID317 and have their notifications for the same things turned on in the NMI portal. You'll need to turn off their notices in the NMI portal.


Adding New Users:

From the User Accounts screen, click Add New User

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You'll be directed to an Add Account page where you will create the user and manage the permissions and notifications and add user when done.

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Find Billing Statements for Your Company

Find Billing Statements for Your Company

In the NMI portal home page dashboard, click on Settings which can be found at the shortcut from the dashboard or by clicking on Options from the land-hand side options and selecting Settings from the dropdown.

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From the settings screen, selecting Billing Statement under General Options (note that if you don't see Billing Statement you do not have rights to see it and an admin user for your company can grant you rights. See the Manage Users for Your Company documentation above for how).

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From the billing statement lists you will see rows for invoices that show the service date as well as rows for the subsequent payment for that invoice. To view the invoice, click on the invoice number hyperlink in the Invoice column.

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Update Your Billing Information

Update Your Billing Information

NMI will bill and debit your account directly. As a merchant you are unable to update or change your own billing information. See below for how these must get updated.

  • Need to add billing information for the first time = email as this requires a meeting with a member of our team to enter on our end with you
  • Need to update billing information that is currently either a credit card or a bank account to a bank account = email as this requires a meeting with a member of our team to enter on our end with you
  • Need to update billing information that is currently either a credit card or a bank account to a credit card = email and CEO Juice will work with NMI to get this option turned on for you

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Find Transactions Related to Your Customers

Find Transactions Related to Your Customers

Watch this 9 minute video on how to use transactions reports (note that it does not include CEO Juice portal instructions) and see instructions below.

In the NMI portal, click on Transactions from the dashboard shortcut, or click on Transaction Reports from the left side options

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In the Transaction Reports screen, there are several ways you can search for your customer's transactions such as First and Last Name of payment, Email Address and Transaction ID. The easiest way to search is to use the Transaction ID which is found inside of your CEO Juice payment portal. 

669 4.png

to find the Transaction ID, log into your online payment portal and from the dropdown options next to your profile icon select Payments

669 5.png

You can view all payments by searching with no filters, or you can use the filters to locate specific payments. Note that payment history is available for about 30 days after the payment date and are no longer visible after that.

669 6.png

Copy the transaction ID number from the payment portal and enter it into the Transaction ID field and click Submit (be sure to check the Start and End Dates in the search to ensure it is within the timeframe of the transaction you're searching for)

669 7.png

You will be taken to the Transaction Report which will show basic information such as the status of the payment as well as the type. To see more details, click on the hyperlink in the ID column.

669 8.png

In this Transaction Detail you'll be able to see further information on this transaction

In the Transaction History section of the Transaction Detail, it will list the status of the transaction as well as when it eventually settles or if it has failed. If there are failures, see our section on resolving transaction failures.

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You can also search for specific settlement batches within the Transaction Report screen. These settlement batches are those that are emailed to you from our process ID317.

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Within the Settlements, you can click on the magnifying glass and select "view these transactions" in order to see the transaction details of the settlement. You can also choose how to sort them by clicking on a "group these transactions" option. 

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Resolve Transaction Failures

Resolve Transaction Failures

Watch this 1 minute video on transaction failures and see instructions below.

Note on ACH Transaction Failures - due to an increase in fraud, many banks will not allow unknown ACH transactions to go through.  When introducing the payment platform, we recommend letting your customers know ahead of time that they will need to ensure their bank has whitelisted Paya's bank ID #3383693141 to avoid failures as noted below.

If an ACH Or Credit Card transaction fails, the exact details of that failure can be found by logging into NMI

Once logged in, find the transaction that you are researching. Click here on finding transactions related to your customers and go to the transaction detail.

Top of transaction detail

669 24.png

The bottom of transaction detail shows the failure with an error code, in the example below the code is R29.

669 25.png

Click here for a list of credit card error codes and their meaning.

Click here for a list of Check/ACH error codes on their meaning

Two common error codes that require a bank letter from your customer to resolve:

R09 means your customer has stopped payment on a transaction.

R29 means “corporate customer advises not authorized” which indicates that your company has advised your bank that your company was not authorized to debit money from your account, therefore the payment failed.  It’s possible for security reasons your bank is just blocking it, however even if resolved on your end, any future payments will automatically be declined. 

To resolve both errors, you will need to submit a letter from your customers bank that validates the account information, indicates that the R29 has been removed, and that our processing ID# 3383693141 has been added (or whitelisted) to the account. 

Attached at the bottom of this documentation page is an example letter you can send to your customer and an example letter of what is required from their bank.

Once received, email the bank letter to the appropriate check/ACH processor below and ensure the email includes the transaction number, your customers name and the date of the failure:

ACH - Nuvei (formerly Paya)

*Note that if you use other processors than those above, you'll need to reach out to your sales rep at the processor to find out who the letter should be sent to

Once the failure issue is resolved, you'll need to void the payment in e-automate that is from the failure in NMI. This will re-open the balance due in e-automate for the invoice which will sync the balance due over to the payment portal. Once the balance due is seen in the portal your customer can pay the invoice again. 


Failures due to ACH payment exceeding allowed ticket amount:

If this occurs, your customer (and any of your internal emails listed as recipients) will receive a message via ID317 that looks like the below.

669 57.png

You will need to reach out to to request an increase. If you need the maximum ticket amount to be over $25,000 you will need to sign the "Paya $25k Addendum" attached at the bottom of the page and email it to Note that transactions over $25k result in an added 0.15% fee per transaction billed to you. 


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Process a Payment Inside the Virtual Terminal

Process a Payment Inside the Virtual Terminal

Watch this 4 minute video on how to process a payment inside the virtual terminal and see instructions below.

There may be times when you want to process a credit card payment for your customer manually and you may do so within the virtual terminal in the NMI portal using the instructions below.

Note that transactions made in this virtual terminal are done completely outside of the CEO Juice payment portal (ID669) and transactions notifications (ID317). In other words, the payment will not auto-post in e-automate and no payment notification will auto-send to your customer, you must do both manually.

The example below follows a Card Sale, and the process is the same for Check Sale.

In the NMI portal on your home page, select either Card Sale or Check Sale under your Virtual Terminal options. 

669 28.png

Enter the customer's payment information into the required fields (marked by red asterisk) in the Virtual Terminal. You may choose to enter further information that is not required if you'd like.

669 29.png

Scroll to the bottom of the terminate and when ready click Charge. You can also check the box to Send Receipt Email to your customer and it will send to the email address you added to the Shipping Information section.

669 30.png

669 31.png

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Process Refunds and Void Transactions

Process Refunds and Void Transactions

Watch this 3 minute video on how to process refunds and voids on transactions. We do not have written instructions on how to do this because CEO Juice does not have access to view these areas.

Note that payments made within the CEO Juice payment portal cannot be voided or refunded within that portal and must be done within the NMI portal.



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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Within your NMI portal you can find video tutorials on how to use the options within the portal. When logged in and on your home page, click Help from the left-side column and select Video Tutorials. You'll be taken to a list of available tutorials. 


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