ID530 - UPS Integration Troubleshooting & FAQ

Before you complete an eAuto upgrade, please search the WorldShip Computer for these two files: EAutoExport.dat and EAutoImport.dat. These should be saved in a safe location before the upgrade just in case.

Server Move effective UPS Integration:

1. The SQL login ID from the original server used in the integration, must be manually deleted from the converted Eautomate production database security section

2. New SQL Login id to be used in the ODBC and worldship integration connection must be created on new server with the default schema _custom_placeholder on the converted eautomate production database 

3. The ODBC driver used in the integration on the Worldship workstations must be updated and configured to point to the new server using the new login id & pw 

4. The EAutoImport & EAutoExport Worldship import/export mapping logins must be updated in worldship with the new SQL userid & pw 


New Worldship workstation added:

  1. The EAutoImport.dat and EAutoExport.dat files can be 'copied' from the original workstation (or a working workstation)  
    1. The files must be placed in the appropriate worldship subfolder (installation path varies from install to install)……. […/ImpExp/Shipment/ ] typicall 
    2. The ODBC DSN name used in the integration on the original/working workstations must be created on the new workstation. Note: DSN name is CaSE SenSaTivE! 

If the files are copied into the correct fold, but they do not show up in the worldship client as an option for Keyed Import or Export After Shipment Processing, then typically the DSN name is wrong (or the DSN userid & pw login connection isn't working 

New User on WorldShip Computer?

The new user must have the exact same ODBC USER DSN name created under their user profile. Remember, WorldShip stores a lot of the data on the user profile, which is why 90% of clients setup a domain user called ‘shipping’ so that they aren’t constantly having to reset the mapping etc.
To create the new user: look at that users ODBC DSN configurations…there might be one called ‘Worldship’ or something to that effect. If you see a Worldship ODBC connection, then you need to create the exact same odbc connection under the new user ….and the name is CAsE SensITive! So it has to match exactly.
Why doesn't the UPS Shipping Label Address Info match the SHIP TO info from the packing list/sales order?
Do you have your customer address imported into the WorldShip address book and/or are you using the pencil edit on either the sales order or the shipment in eAutomate to change the ship to address?
ODBC Error State:

Open the Import/Export Menu in WorldShip, to eAutoExport to verify the user pointing to the ODBC


We just received Wordship 2018 and since we are using the integration with eAutomate and CeoJuice, I want to make sure its ok to install. are there any know issues or things to be aware of prior or during the install?
There should be no problems, OK to update.  Please search the worldship computer for these two files (EAutoExport.dat and EAutoImport.dat), save those files in a safe location before the upgrade just in case.
Let us know at if you run into any issues.
How many workstations are included in the fee?
The fee includes 2-workstations, any additional are $75.00 each.
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