ID381 - On Hold with Leasing Company, Overview & Sample

We place our customers on credit hold to force them to stay current (most often done via eAgent automated task). However, if you are billing through the leasing company you may not know when the customer is late. The leasing company pays you once they are paid and this process ties that together and allows you to also place customers late with the leasing company on hold and take them back off when they pay.

When the lease company is billing for any service coverage, Best Practice is to set the Contract Record with BillTo of Lease Company. This creates a pass through billing to record your service revenue, creating an invoice under your Lease Company AR in eAuto. Your lease company only compensates you AFTER the customer has paid them. So if your lease company invoices are past due, then so is your customer. 

Our alert will

1. identify Contract Invoices with Bill To of lease company (set on VariableZ) and

2. if invoice is past due (set on VariableY) and

3. if Customer Record is set to use eAgent to put on/off hold

THEN the alert will put Customer Record on hold with OnHold Code listed on VariableW

Alert will also remove customer from that OnHold Code, if invoices become current.

**Alert does require best practice of setting Contract Record with BillTo of lease company and of posting payments from leasing company in a timely manner.**






Columns Explained:


Place on Hold - by review of this alert, this account/contract should be put OnHold. Our alert will override OnHold code of CH, but nothing else. See PrevOnHoldCode column, for what the OnHold is. If states 'None', then this account not set to use eAgent to be placed on/off hold.

Qualified, No Action - this Contract qualifies to be put OnHold via this alert; however, account already on hold (with OnHold code other than CH) and/or eAgent task not being used to put account on/off hold (via 'use eAgent to place or release from credit hold'):






VariableW: list ONE OnHold code for this alert to use (our installers will create in eAuto for you) for this alert to use for setting qualifying Customer Records on/off hold

VariableX: minimum dollars Customer must be past due in order for alert to consider

VariableY: minimum days past due Customer must be in order for alert to consider

VariableZ: Customer Type (not description or Customer Name) set on Customer Lease Records


Variable1 - Sort Order of alert. Alert can sort from top to bottom by Customer Name, Customer Number or Action Taken.

Variable2 - Time of Day - this alert should fire before your eAgent task to automatically place customers on/off hold. This is recommended so your eAgent task can do what it should! Please indicate time of day your eAgent task runs (format e.g. 4:30 PM) and our installers will schedule alert ID381 15-minutes prior to the time you list.

 Note:  Placing or releasing a hold on the customer record has no effect on any open transactions.

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