ID42 - Not Submitting Surveys Overview & Sample:

This alert is designed to increase response rate to our closed call survey ID109 (our most popular process). We've had a few clients implement policies where the tech mentions to the customer that they will be getting a survey request, highlights the importance of feedback to get the customer a better level of service and encourages the customer to respond with what we could have done better. We even have a couple who not only bonus on the response to “Rate our technician overall,” but also bonus based on the number of responses to survey requests. This has a big impact on the number of responses. This alert will notify the technician when they are dispatched to a call where the contact has never responded to a survey so that the tech can stress the importance of feedback.

The alert is looking at Contact Level (not Equipment Level) - it's considering the Caller Contact, and when/if at all, the last time they submitted a survey response.

Variable Options:

VariableW: Number of days since customer has provided survey return before alert trigger (defaults to 30).

VariableX: Customer Number(s) you wish to exclude from triggering the alert, for instance your Company Customer Record or Branch Customer Record.




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