ID952 - Special Pricing Clean Up Overview & Sample:

eAutomate offers the ability to set special pricing for customers, but this pricing can get out of date and cleaning up old pricing is a chore. This process will sweep through monthly and delete any special pricing where:

1) The pricing has expired per the date entered on the pricing record.

2) The Customer record associated to the pricing is no longer Active.

3) The Customer shows no invoice activity, as customer or billto, in W years (this includes Sales and Service).

There is a second variable where you can post a 'grace period' in days before newly published pricing is considered for deletion to allow for a lag on the 1st order.

You may also want to consider alert ID935 / Special Pricing / Price Levels Due to Expire

**We will run this alert in test mode and only switch to run live / update eAuto once we receive confirmation from you to switch.**



VariableW:# of days without any purchases in order to consider a Customer idle (and so delete any custom pricing associated with that customer), defaults to 1097

VariableX: # of days old a given pricing record must be before it is considered for deletion, defaults to 1097




1. Access Special Pricing by right clicking on CustomerRecord or by selecting $Prices:


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