ID877 - Survey Responses SSRS Overview & Sample

This alert sends a pdf report after a survey has been completed and provides an SSRS Report to run on demand as needed. It contains all the answers for that survey and highlights any question that has an answer lower than the target threshold. For Compass Sherpa users, please see below on how your reps can access directly.

** Use the survey subscriptions (i.e. ID109, ID220, ID312 etc) for the recipients of the survey results. Recipients on alert ID877 have no effect on who received, it is just our background process.

These PDF Survey Responses can also be accessed via your SSRS Reports.

First time accessing your SSRS Reports? Please see THIS LINK for those instructions.

SSRS Report Filters:


1. Filter by date of response

2. Enter Customer Name Contains (doesn't need to be complete, just "contains" part of name). 

If you want to run the report wide open to include ALL customers

Enter in the customer field: -All customers-

Enter in the parent customer number: -include all customers-


3. Drop down of your active surveys to select from (i.e. Service Survey, IT Survey, Supply Survey)

4. Can filter by tech (all techs will show even if inactive employee to provide historical reference)

Be sure your techs have Technician checked off and a Manager Assignment on Employee Record:


5. Can filter by sales rep (all sales reps will show even if inactive employee to provide historical reference)

Be sure Employee Record has Sales Rep indicated and a Manager Assignment:


6. PLEASE IGNORE, this section is for our background process. Please leave as is, thank you!





Survey Responses can also be integrated with Compass Sherpa so your Sales Reps can pull needed completed surveys. 


Once selected, Sherpa user will select (1) Survey Responses from down and (2) indicate months of responses to send. (Email will come from email listed on subscription to ID877.)


Details on Compass Sherpa integration and permissions for each Compass Sherpa user CLICK HERE, please


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