Launching SSRS Reports

We are moving from Crystal reports that launch from within eAutomate to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports that are launched from a browser.

We also have built several Apps that are SSRS based. 

We tie back to security permissions in eAutomate to ensure you have security to run a report, click here for more.

You can also create a quick link at the desktop user level, see HERE for instructions.

Our SSRS Reports have a minimum SQL version of SQL 2008R2 as it offers more stability, functionality and ease of troubleshooting. ECi has also moved to this standard. Versions of eAutomate from 8.7+ are not supported on older versions and their analytics package has not been supported on lesser versions since 8.1. We strongly suggest you consider upgrading if it's not already on your radar.

SSRS reports will be available in a folder at a web address, see below for those details.

**If you are an ECi hosted customer, please see this link for instructions on accessing your SSRS Reports**

They will be installed on our "JuiceBox" and to launch you will open Internet Explorer (IE10 or IE11) and go to http://juicebox/reports replacing juicebox with the name of the server our software is installed on. If you do not know the name of that server ask

As SSRS is a Microsoft product IE is recommended (minimum IE10 required), especially for the reports, don't use Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. The APPs tend to run fine in any browser.  If you are getting an error the site may be blocked by your firewall, add the URL as a safe site to prevent this.

Apps are at http://<servername>:8888

Reports are at: http://<servername>/reports

If you have problems loading our SSRS reports start with this post and email if you still need help.

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