ID619 - Parts not Ordered for WP Calls Overview & Sample:

This alert is a variant, and improvement on, ID52. This alert will review all calls on hold, Waiting for Parts (WP) calls by default (other hold codes can be added) and advise if the parts they're waiting for do not appear on a PO. (That is, they don't appear on a PO as linked to the call in question.) The alert will let you know whether an individual item is missing, or if the call is not linked to a PO at all. This alert is designed to go to the techs so that they can chase the Parts Manager, the idea being that you put your Parts Manager on copy so that they know the call is coming. 
VariableW -  allows you to set any On Hold codes to monitor besides Waiting for Parts, which is included by default. Separate On Hold codes by comma.
VariableX  - Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL
Related Alerts:
ID52 - PO's tied to calls created today to Technician: This alert sends the tech a list of parts that have been ordered for their calls today so that they can confirm everything has been ordered. Differs from ID619 in that it lists everything that has been ordered, ID619 is looking at what should have been ordered. More detail on ID52 here
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