ID9 - Service Calls on Hold Like WP > W Business Hours (Escalate >X Hours) - Overview and Sample

This alert notifies you of calls that are on hold for parts (System On Hold Code [WP] and we suggest that you setup any other onhold for parts to have the characters WP in them as well) for greater than the business hours elapsed specified in VariableW. If there is a PO for the item it will show up in the table as well. Will also note if a call has been escalated after VariableX number of hours. In this case escalated does not change any settings from within eAuto. It just marks the call as 'Escalated' in the email and lists it above the others. This alert will go to everyone listed in the To/Cc boxes. 
By default the alert runs once daily at 9am. 
Variable W - Business Hours elapsed On Hold W: Business Hours elapsed on hold for initial trigger. Default value is 12
Variable X - Business Hours to escalate if still on hold: Business Hours elapsed to escalate if call is still on hold. Default value is 18.
Variable Y - Branch Numbers: Branch numbers alert should fire on, separate multiple branches by comma or leave blank for ALL.
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