ID591 - Customer has indicated via survey to receiving e-mail notifications on service calls - Overview and Sample

Alert ID181 will send an email to your customers when a service call is opened, dispatched and closed. For clients using our survey we often include a question asking your customers if they would like this service. This alert will tell you about any customers who have asked for notifications via the survey, but have not been set up to receive them. 
ID181 can be set to send to just Selected customers or to All customers, if you have it set to All we will tell you about customers who have asked to opt out.
Default schedule is daily in the morning.
Variable W - Survey Question ID: We will set this variable for you.
Variable X - Survey ID: We'll set this variable for you.
Variable Y - Mode your ID181 is running in: This is the mode that your ID181 is running in, either Selected or All. Default value is Selected.
Variable Z - Branch Numbers: Branch Numbers to trigger on, leave blank for ALL.
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ID181 - To notify customers when a service call is Opened/Dispatched/Closed/Canceled/Invoiced. More detail on this alert here
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