ID217 - Custom Report for Customer/Equipment Record Sales and Service Messages Overview & Sample:

This is a custom report that you can run directly from EA to show you all the customer and equipment records that have active sales and/or service messages/pop ups on them.  The report will be installed in the custom reports folder and is titled CEOJuice Customer and Equipment Sales/Service Messages. This can be used for periodic review to make sure that messages are being deleted once they no longer apply (if marked to run indefinitely) or the date to repeat until box is checked and set for the date that the message content no longer applies to that account. 
This report will display only active messages and show Customer Name, Customer Number, Equipment #, Frequency of Message and setting of the frequency. It will also give you a brief summary of the message, showing subject line and as many characters of the message that can be displayed in the field.
The report filters allow you to include only specific equipment or customers, message types and specify a date range the message was updated before or after:
**The default date settings will return nothing because you are looking for notes updated after today AND notes created before today. To see all active messages set both date filters to <All Dates>.
Date Updated Before - Refers to the date the note was created:
Date Updated After - Refers to the last time the note was updated:
Sample of equipment message on the report:
Sample of customer message on the report:
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