ID444 - List of Contacts Created Sent to Designated User Assigned to Review Duplicates in E-Auto - Overview and Sample

This alert will send a list of new contacts created in eAutomate to a specified user who is in charge of reviewing those and merging any duplicate contacts that might have been created. This also helps with training on best practices for creating contacts. Duplicate contacts get created all the the time due to a standard practice not being followed. The more info the better. i.e. First Name, Last Name, Phone numbers with area codes as opposed to without, mistakes in email addresses, etc. This will also help identify the user that needs more training. 
Also see ID735 that will only trigger on existing contact records. This way you can minimize the confusion when a contact record is created twice. It will trigger on same last name, email address, etc. ID735 is designed to strictly report duplicates within your contact database.
The default schedule for this alert is to run daily.
Variable X - Branch Numbers: The branch numbers for the alert to trigger on, leave blank for All. The default value is blank.
Related Alerts:
ID735 - Duplicate Contact Records: This alert triggers for possible duplicate contact records created
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