ID305 - Validate Email Address Field on All Contact Records Overview & Sample:

Daily email reviewing all Contact Records created with potential email address errors. Provides full list of ALL potential errors each quarter.

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To validate any contact where the email field contains data has the @ sign in that string. Also looking for spaces, multiple @s, multiple periods, other email field, etc. This alert checks newly-created contacts, it does not look for contacts that have been updated/changed.

The TO email receives the Daily Summary and the Quarterly Complete List emails, the To Creator and/or To Branch Role(s) receive daily emails specific to their role ONLY, and the CC/BCC/Teams Channel is copied on emails sent daily to creator and/or branch role emails.


Run Schedule:  Daily, End of Day and Quarterly on the 1st of January, April, July, and October

Type of Output: Email


*  *  *



Daily Summary:


Quarterly Complete List (ALL):


*  *  *




Variable X: Enter Branch Number(s) for alert to trigger on (separate by comma or leave blank for ALL)



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. Reviews Contact Records created or changed each day and notifies of any with potential email address issues/errors. 

2. Identifying these errors is imperative so as to ensure your emails sent via eAuto (i.e. eAgent tasks and on demand emailing of invoices) and via CEO Juice (i.e. ID800/Past Due Invoices and ID181/Service Call Updates to your Customer). 

3. Runs daily at end of day for any qualifying Contact Records changed in last 30-days

4. Sorts by Creator, then by Contacts Preferred Full Name

5. Provides full complete list of ALL qualifying Contact Records (whether changed in last 30-days or more) QUARTERLY on on the 1st of January, April, July, and October at end of day. This full list ONLY sends to the emails listed in the To, does NOT send full list to CC/BCC/Teams Channel, To Creator or any Branch Role(s).

6. Considers both the (1) 'Email' field and (2) 'Other emails' field:


7. Branch showing on alert email is per the Customer Record linked to the Contract Record:


8. If you are using filter VariableX to only consider specified branches, then please know if a Contact Record is NOT linked to a Customer Record, then that Contact Record will never be considered by nor report on the alert email.

9. If you wish for a contact to be excluded from this alert, add -decl- or --3rd Party-- to the email field (not the Other emails field) and this alert will ignore that Contact Record.

10. Will not trigger on blanks in either the 'Email' or 'Other emails' field, if there is a valid email in either field.

11. Other emails field - logic does allow (as of revision 20240517) for a space, comma, semi-colon, or carriage return between multiple emails listed.  


Common Issues

Common Issues:

-Missing proper email format of

-Too many spaces between name before and after @ sign

-No email listed in BOTH 'Email' or 'Other emails' field

-Getting multiple emails for the same Contact Record? The Contact Record is likely linked to different Customer Record(s) for different Branch(es). 


Send To

Send To


1. To Creator:

-Will receive email to the creator/changer of the Contact Record of just the Contact Records their eAuto user touched. Requires their Employee Record to have a UserID. If not UserID, then no emails will send 'To Creator'

-Will NOT receive the quarterly FULL list

2. To Branch Role(s):

-Looks to branch assigned on Customer Record the Contact Record is linked to.

-Will receive the Daily Summary based on their Branch Role(s) - one per branch

-Will NOT receive the quarterly FULL list to any Branch Role(s).

3. TO:

-Will receive the Daily Summary

-Will receive the quarterly FULL list

4. CC/BCC/Teams Channel:

-Will receive the Daily Summary AND be on copy to email sent To Creator and Branch Role(s) 


*  *  *


Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

1. Please see THIS LINK on Best Practices for setting up Contact Records.

2. Be sure your eAuto Employee Records have a UserID on them to ensure we can report to you who is making the changes.


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Related Alerts

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