ID105 - Active Customer Record with Inactive Parent or Bill To, Overview & Sample

ID105 will report on Active Customer records with inactive associations

Customer records in e-automate cannot be deleted, they can be inactivated though, which means they are not available in the Drop-Down search lists within the various modules, i.e. Sales Orders, Equipment Records, Contracts, etc... As records are inactivated, sometimes users don't realize that they might be deactivating an account that is actually the Bill-To or Parent of other accounts, thereby creating some potential problems. This alert checks all active customers and reports those that are a location (child) of an inactive account and/or the bill-to on that account is no longer active.

Sample of Alert:



One thing to keep in mind is this is merely an alert to let you know where possible problems could arise.  It does not contain any logic to write to your system.






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