ID705 - RTV Receivers Unvouchered more than W Days from Receipt Date Overview & Sample:

To alert appropriate person(s) that items are on a RTV Receipt that has not been Vouchered for over W days. Used to catch invoices that may not be paid before discount terms expire. 

NOTE: This alert only shows unvouchered receipts from RTV orders, it will not show unvouchered receipts that are from purchase orders. This RTV will then be used to link to Purchase Order Credit Memo to facilitate credit on AP account. Keeping this RTV link all the way through to the PO Credit Memo enables this alert to accurately report on Credits received from manufacturer for those RTV's.

 Sample Output is shown below:



Variables include:  Variable W ( DaysUnVouchered)    


We have a separate alert, ID51, that triggers for both PO & RTV unvouchered PO receipts past a certain number of days. Read more about ID51 Here.

This alert was built because some clients wanted a separate alert for just RTV's alone.

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